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  • Area of usage

    ESSVE Lightweight concrete plug is intended for fixing in porous materials such as lightweight concrete,
    also known as Leca, Ytong, Siporex, Blue concrete, etc.

  • Description

    A powerful nylon plug that is ideal for use together with ESSVE Wood screw, to give a strong installation.
    The conical collar and triangular profile of the plug counteract rotation during installation.
    It is made of high grade nylon and withstands temperatures between -30°C and +100°C.

  • Assembly

    Normally, two level screws are used (double windows with a mullion must also have a screw under the mullion). The screws need to be placed as close to the outer edges of the frame as possible. The screws are screwed down to the required depth. The level screws are then levelled using a spirit level and adjusted horizontally with the adjuster tool (item no.105254). The air gap under the frame should be about 15 mm. The screw is screwed into wood without pre-drilling. In concrete drill with 6 mm holes. In the brick drill with 5 mm holes. The lightweight drill with 10mm holes and then complemented the level screw with plug. (Part No 50020).

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