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  • Area of usage

    ESSVE Drop-in anchors EDA/EDA-K are designed to anchor in concrete and natural stone. Suitable areas of applications
    include temporary installation, fixing of suspended ceilings, cable trays, pipes, etc. The dimensions M8 and M10 are also
    ideal for fixing in hollow core elements.

  • Description

    Drop-in anchors EDA/EDA-K consist of a sleeve which is threaded and tapered internally. There is a cone-shaped wedge in the sleeve.
    When installing the wedge is knocked down to the bottom using ESSVE Punch EDA. The lower slotted section of the drop-in anchor
    expands and is pressed firmly into the drill hole. Drop-in anchor EDA has a straight design and is available in bright zinc plated, 5 µm and
    stainless acid proof A4 designs. Drop-in anchor EDA-K is equipped with a collar and is available in bright zinc-plated, 5 µm, design.

  • Assembly

    It is important to use the right Punch EDA for the right dimension of Drop-in anchor EDA/EDA-K. The installation of Drop-in anchor EDA/EDA-K is correctly executed when the Punch EDA’s protruding part has been driven down completely in the fixing.

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