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    ESSVE CM 300E Chemical Anchor is a European Approved chemical anchor, designed to install stud bolts or threaded rod
    in solid and porous materials such as concrete, natural stone, brick, hollow block material and lightweight concrete. Lightweight concrete
    is also known as Leca, Ytong, Siporex, blue concrete, etc.

  • Description

    ESSVE CM 300E Chemical Anchor is a 2-component epoxy acrylate compound .
    CM 300E Chemical Anchor is used with a conventional cartridge gun for application.
    CM 300E Chemical Anchor is not classified as health or environmental hazardous. The product has no danger symbols and are both styrene
    and phthalate free, see the Safety Data Sheet.

  • Assembly

    The mixture of the compound and hardener is done in a specially designed mixing nozzle. Properly mixed chemical anchor should
    have a light grey colour. The drill hole must always be brushed out and blown clean before applying the chemical anchor. Brushing and
    blowing out the drill hole must be repeated at least twice. CM 300E Chemical Anchor can be used in both dry and wet drill holes.
    For water-filled holes it is recommended to remove the water before applying the chemical anchor.
    For installation in solid or porous materials the hole diameter must be 2 mm larger than the fitting to be anchored.
    See Technical data When in hollow block material a Perfo-sleeve must be used, either cut in 1-metre
    lengths or a Pre-cut Perfo-sleeve. Perfo-sleeves are available in three sizes, suitable for M8-M16 bolts, see Accessories
    chemical anchors. When using the Perfo-sleeve the entire sleeve is filled with compound. Now press and turn the bolt and allow it to cure.

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