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  • Area of usage

    ESSVE Insulation holder is intended for mounting insulation material to concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, and lightweight concrete.

  • Description

    Insulation holder is made polypropylene. The structure of the washer is designed so that the greatest possible render adhesion can be achieved.
    Washer’s diameter is Ø50 mm. The insulation holder expands with an internal pin that is knocked in during installation. This gives substantial
    expansion making the Insulation holder suitable for use in all types of material. As an accessory there is an extra washer Ø90 mm available that is put on
    the Insulation holder to obtain an extra large pressure surface. This means the washer is especially suitable for use when installing soft insulation.
    To calculate the number of Insulation holders per square metres to use, you should follow the recommendations issued by the insulation supplier or make a pull-out test
    to obtain the actual load capacity per Insulation holder.

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