General industry

Our offer to general industry.

ESSVE is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of fastening systems and is experiencing rapid local and international growth. We have the industry’s widest range of premium fastener products.

The production process

We customise innovative General Industry fastener solutions and automation systems. We have many years’ experience of developing automation solutions for the manufacturing industry. We develop fully automated robot solutions, as well as semi-manual and manual solutions.

The products

By simplifying and streamlining fastening in your operations, we reduce your total costs and increase your profitability. By taking a holistic approach to all your fastening – and optimising all the fasteners that are used in your manufacturing – we help you to simplify and streamline your production process. By optimising your mix of fasteners, we can help you to reduce the number of variants – this frees up warehouse space and lightens your admin burden.

The product supply

Via our global network of manufacturers, we manage the supply of materials throughout the chain, all the way to the individual workstations in your production line.

We are involved in the entire process – from analysis to implementation and commissioning. Our clients value our technical expertise, our high level of service and our high level of delivery reliability.



Fredrik Wedén

Managing Director Industry