ESSVE has many years’ experience of developing innovative automation solutions and systems for the global automotive industry.

We offer a wide range of premium fastener products for the automotive industry. We collaborate closely with some of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and leading automotive industry operators. By providing optimised fastening solutions for your operations, we reduce your total costs and increase your profitability.

The production process

In specific terms, we can help you to simplify and streamline your production process. We develop everything from fully automated robot solutions to semi-manual and manual solutions. 

The products

We also adapt the fasteners you currently use in your manufacturing process and can create bespoke products for you as well. Based on your specific needs, we select exactly the right fastening system, with the right material and properties, and the right production method, finishing and surface treatment.

The product supply

Via our global network of manufacturers, we manage the supply of materials throughout the chain, all the way to the individual workstations in your production line. This results in lower total costs, and keeps costly manufacturing disruptions and errors to a minimum.

We are involved in the entire process – from analysis to implementation and commissioning. Products are manufactured in a flexible and modern way – we handpick the best manufacturer for each individual product from our global network. We can manage complex delivery logistics, with flexible worldwide solutions.



Fredrik Wedén

Managing Director Industry