Calculation software (ESSVE CS)

Determine the load capacity for a wide selection of applications with our free software ESSVE CS. Read more and download below.

With ESSVE’s calculation software (ESSVE CS) for concrete fasteners, civil and design engineers can easily determine the load capacity for a wide selection of applications.

The load capacity of a concrete fastener depends on a lot of different input parameters, all of which can be adjusted in our software. A selection of appropriate fasteners will be suggested to the user. The user is furthermore aided by a 3D-model that ensures that all the data is placed in the correct location. Long gone are the days of sorting through load capacity tables and manually applying various reduction factors, let our software do the work for you.

Reduce the hours required to solve technical hurdles 

The software follows the latest design codes and regulations. If an erroneous value is pu in by the user, the software will give a suggested solution. A detailed report in PDF can be printed for all calculations.