Made of 1.5 or 2.0 mm Hot dip galvanized sheet steel. Also available to order in stainless acid proof design, A4. The plates are equipped with 5.0 mm holes and the hole pattern follows observes timber standards.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC2
  • ApprovalsCE
  • Application environmentOutdoors
  • Surface treatmentHot Dip Galvanized

Area Of Use

ESSVE Nail plates are designed for use when joining different types of timber structures. Usually used on joints in Roof truss structures.


Made of 1.5 or 2.0 mm Hot dip galvanized sheet steel. Also available to order in stainless acid proof design, A4. The plates are equipped with 5.0 mm holes and the hole pattern follows observes timber standards.


The nail plates are installed using e.g. 4.0 mm anchor nails or 5.0 mm wood connector screws. The connectors can be fully nailed/screwed. If nails/screws, are to be admitted this should be done in the middle of each nail group.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
4513107317761073796JOINTING PLATE CE 60X140X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513107317761815099JOINTING PLATE CE 60X140X1,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4513137317761072393JOINTING PLATE CE 60X160X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513137317761815105JOINTING PLATE CE 60X160X1,5CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513167317761073598JOINTING PLATE CE 60X180X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513167317761815112JOINTING PLATE CE 60X180X1,5CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513197317761070597JOINTING PLATE CE 60X200X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513197317761815129JOINTING PLATE CE 60X200X1,5CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513227317761072195JOINTING PLATE CE 80X140X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513227317761815136JOINTING PLATE CE 80X140X1,5CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513257317761073390JOINTING PLATE CE 80X180X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513257317761815143JOINTING PLATE CE 80X180X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513287317761072591JOINTING PLATE CE 80X220X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513287317761815150JOINTING PLATE CE 80X220X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513317317761072799JOINTING PLATE CE 80X300X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513317317761815167JOINTING PLATE CE 80X300X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513347317761070306JOINTING PLATE CE 100X220X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513347317761815174JOINTING PLATE CE 100X220X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513377317761072997JOINTING PLATE CE 100X240X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513377317761815181JOINTING PLATE CE 100X240X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513407317761073093JOINTING PLATE CE 100X300X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513407317761815198JOINTING PLATE CE 100X300X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513437317761070504JOINTING PLATE CE 100X380X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513437317761815204JOINTING PLATE CE 100X380X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513467317761073192JOINTING PLATE CE 120X220X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513467317761815211JOINTING PLATE CE 120X220X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513497317761073291JOINTING PLATE CE 140X240X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513497317761815228JOINTING PLATE CE 140X240X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513527317761071105JOINTING PLATE CE 140X300X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513527317761815235JOINTING PLATE CE 140X300X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513557317761071204JOINTING PLATE CE 160X180X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513557317761815242JOINTING PLATE CE 160X180X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513587317761071303JOINTING PLATE CE 160X240X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513587317761815259JOINTING PLATE CE 160X240X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513617317761071501JOINTING PLATE CE 160X340X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513617317761815266JOINTING PLATE CE 160X340X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513647317761073697JOINTING PLATE CE 180X220X1,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513647317761815273JOINTING PLATE CE 180X220X1,5CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4513737317761073666JOINTING PLATE CE 40X120X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513737317761815303JOINTING PLATE CE 40X120X2,0CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4513767317761073109JOINTING PLATE CE 40X160X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513767317761815310JOINTING PLATE CE 40X160X2,0CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4513797317761073765JOINTING PLATE CE 50X200X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513797317761815327JOINTING PLATE CE 50X200X2,0CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513827317761073895JOINTING PLATE CE 60X140X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513827317761815334JOINTING PLATE CE 60X140X2,0CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4513857317761073864JOINTING PLATE CE 60X160X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513857317761815341JOINTING PLATE CE 60X160X2,0CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513887317761073208JOINTING PLATE CE 60X200X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513887317761815358JOINTING PLATE CE 60X200X2,0CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513917317761074069JOINTING PLATE CE 60X240X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513917317761815365JOINTING PLATE CE 60X240X2,0CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513947317761070276JOINTING PLATE CE 80X160X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513947317761815372JOINTING PLATE CE 80X160X2,0CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4513977317761073307JOINTING PLATE CE 80X200X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4513977317761815389JOINTING PLATE CE 80X200X2,0CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4514007317761070375JOINTING PLATE CE 80X240X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514007317761815396JOINTING PLATE CE 80X240X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514037317761070474JOINTING PLATE CE 80X300X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514037317761815402JOINTING PLATE CE 80X300X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514067317761070573JOINTING PLATE CE 100X140X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514067317761815419JOINTING PLATE CE 100X140X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514097317761073406JOINTING PLATE CE 100X200X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514097317761815426JOINTING PLATE CE 100X200X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514127317761073505JOINTING PLATE CE 100X240X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514127317761815433JOINTING PLATE CE 100X240X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514157317761073604JOINTING PLATE CE 100X300X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514157317761815440JOINTING PLATE CE 100X300X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514187317761071075JOINTING PLATE CE 100X400X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514187317761815457JOINTING PLATE CE 100X400X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514217317761071273JOINTING PLATE CE 120X200X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514217317761815464JOINTING PLATE CE 120X200X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514247317761071372JOINTING PLATE CE 120X240X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514247317761815471JOINTING PLATE CE 120X240X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514277317761073703JOINTING PLATE CE 120X300X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514277317761815488JOINTING PLATE CE 120X300X2,0CAR25 CAR á 1 ST
4514307317761071471JOINTING PLATE CE 140X400X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514307317761815495JOINTING PLATE CE 140X400X2,0CAR20 CAR á 1 ST
4514337317761071570JOINTING PLATE CE 160X400X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514337317761815501JOINTING PLATE CE 160X400X2,0CAR20 CAR á 1 ST
4514367317761071679JOINTING PLATE CE 180X400X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514367317761815518JOINTING PLATE CE 180X400X2,0CAR20 CAR á 1 ST
4514397317761071778JOINTING PLATE CE 200X300X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514397317761815525JOINTING PLATE CE 200X300X2,0CAR20 CAR á 1 ST
4514427317761071174JOINTING PLATE CE 200X400X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4514427317761815532JOINTING PLATE CE 200X400X2,0CAR10 CAR á 1 ST
4514457317761071877JOINTING PLATE CE 220X1200X2,0PCS1 PCS á 1 STBV
4514457317761815549JOINTING PLATE CE 220X1200X2,0CAR5 CAR á 1 STBV