Made of 2.5 mm hot dip galvanized sheet steel and fitted with 5.0 mm holes.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC2
  • Application environmentOutdoors
  • Surface treatmentHot Dip Galvanized

Area Of Use

ESSVE Nail plate angle bracket is designed for different types of joining of framework structures. The bracket is available with different leg lengths and therefore extremely useful.


Made of 2.5 mm hot dip galvanized sheet steel and fitted with 5.0 mm holes.


The nail plate angle bracket is installed with e.g. ESSVE Anchor nails 4.0 mm or ESSVE Wood connector screws 5.0 mm.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
4515867317761072669NAIL PLATE ANGLE 40X40X60X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4515867317761816003NAIL PLATE ANGLE 40X40X60X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4515897317761072768NAIL PLATE ANGLE 40X60X60X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4515897317761816010NAIL PLATE ANGLE 40X60X60X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4515927317761073000NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X60X40X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4515927317761816027NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X60X40X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4515957317761071662NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X60X60X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4515957317761816034NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X60X60X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4515987317761071761NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X60X80X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4515987317761816041NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X60X80X2,5CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4516017317761072867NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X80X60X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516017317761816058NAIL PLATE ANGLE 60X80X60X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4516047317761071969NAIL PLATE ANGLE 80X80X40X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516047317761816065NAIL PLATE ANGLE 80X80X40X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4516077317761072065NAIL PLATE ANGLE 80X80X60X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516077317761816072NAIL PLATE ANGLE 80X80X60X2,5CAR100 CAR á 1 ST
4516107317761072164NAIL PLATE ANGLE 80X80X80X2,5PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516107317761816089NAIL PLATE ANGLE 80X80X80X2,5CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4516137317761072263NAIL PLATE ANGLE 100X100X60X25PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516137317761816096NAIL PLATE ANGLE 100X100X60X25CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4516167317761072362NAIL PLATE ANGLE 100X100X80X25PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516167317761816102NAIL PLATE ANGLE 100X100X80X25CAR50 CAR á 1 ST
4516197317761072461NAIL PLATEANGLE 100X100X100X25PCS1 PCS á 1 ST
4516197317761816119NAIL PLATEANGLE 100X100X100X25CAR50 CAR á 1 ST