ESSVE Nut rivet is available in several different materials and with different head forms.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC2
  • Head shapeOpen Flat head
  • Application environmentIndoors

Area Of Use

ESSVE Nut rivet is a very useful fastener that gives designers immense variation opportunities in product design and material selection.


ESSVE Nut rivet is available in several different materials and with different head forms.


ESSVE Nut rivet is mounted from one side of the work piece, in drilled or punched holes that should be approx. 0.1mm larger than the nut rivet diameter. ESSVE Nut rivet is easy to it using hand tools or pneumatic tools.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
6720107317761835820RIVET NUT M4 0,3-2 FLAT HEAD6 á 1100 ST
6720107317761283898RIVET NUT M4 0,3-2 FLAT HEAD1 á 1100 ST
6720307317761835837RIVET NUT M4 2-3 FLAT HEAD6 á 850 ST
6720307317761283904RIVET NUT M4 2-3 FLAT HEAD1 á 850 ST
6720507317761835844RIVET NUT M4 3-4 FLAT HEAD6 á 800 ST
6720507317761283911RIVET NUT M4 3-4 FLAT HEAD1 á 800 ST
6720707317761835851RIVET NUT M5 0,3-3 FLAT HEAD6 á 650 ST
6720707317761283928RIVET NUT M5 0,3-3 FLAT HEAD1 á 650 ST
6720907317761835868RIVET NUT M5 3-4 FLAT HEAD6 á 550 ST
6720907317761283935RIVET NUT M5 3-4 FLAT HEAD1 á 550 ST
6721107317761835875RIVET NUT M6 0,5-3 FLAT HEAD4 á 550 ST
6721107317761283942RIVET NUT M6 0,5-3 FLAT HEAD1 á 550 ST
6721307317761835882RIVET NUT M6 3,0-4,5 FLAT HEAD4 á 450 ST
6721307317761283959RIVET NUT M6 3,0-4,5 FLAT HEAD1 á 450 ST
6721507317761835899RIVET NUT M8 0,5-3,0 FLAT HEAD4 á 300 ST
6721507317761283966RIVET NUT M8 0,5-3,0 FLAT HEAD1 á 300 ST
6721707317761835905RIVET NUT M8 3,0-5,5 FLAT HEAD4 á 300 ST
6721707317761283973RIVET NUT M8 3,0-5,5 FLAT HEAD1 á 300 ST
6722007317761835912RIVET NUT M10 1-3,0 FLAT HEAD4 á 200 ST
6722007317761208785RIVET NUT M10 1-3,0 FLAT HEAD1 á 200 ST
6722207317761835929RIVET NUT M10 3-4,5 FLAT HEAD4 á 175 ST
6722207317761208792RIVET NUT M10 3-4,5 FLAT HEAD1 á 175 ST