ESSVE Blind rivet is easy to fit using hand tools or pneumatic tools, it gives a strong, vibration-proof joint with low-on-site costs.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC2
  • Application environmentIndoors

Area Of Use

ESSVE Blind rivet is a very useful fastener that gives designers immense
variation opportunities in product design and material selection.


ESSVE Blind rivet is easy to fit using hand tools or pneumatic tools, it gives a strong, vibration-proof joint with low-on-site costs.


ESSVE Blind rivet is mounted from one side of the work piece, in drilled or punched holes that should be approx. 0.1mm larger than the rivet diameter.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
628017317761282822BLINDRIVET 3,2X6,5 AL/ST SEAL.PC1 PC á 750 ST
628017317761833031BLINDRIVET 3,2X6,5 AL/ST SEAL.CAR6 CAR á 750 ST
628037317761282839BLINDRIVET 3,2X8 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 800 ST
628037317761833048BLINDRIVET 3,2X8 AL/ST SEALEDCAR6 CAR á 800 ST
628057317761282846BLINDRIVET 3,2X9,5AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 775 ST
628057317761833055BLINDRIVET 3,2X9,5AL/ST SEALEDCAR6 CAR á 775 ST
628077317761282853BLINDRIVET 3,2X11 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 750 ST
628077317761833062BLINDRIVET 3,2X11 AL/ST SEALEDCAR6 CAR á 750 ST
628097317761282860BLINDRIVET 3,2X12,5 AL/ST SEALPC1 PC á 725 ST
628097317761833079BLINDRIVET 3,2X12,5 AL/ST SEALCAR6 CAR á 725 ST
628117317761282877BLINDRIVET 4,0X8 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 550 ST
628117317761833086BLINDRIVET 4,0X8 AL/ST SEALEDCAR6 CAR á 550 ST
628137317761282884BLINDRIVET 4,0X9,5 AL/ST SEAL.PC1 PC á 525 ST
628137317761833093BLINDRIVET 4,0X9,5 AL/ST SEAL.CAR6 CAR á 525 ST
628157317761282891BLINDRIVET 4,0X11 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 475 ST
628157317761833109BLINDRIVET 4,0X11 AL/ST SEALEDCAR6 CAR á 475 ST
628177317761282907BLINDRIVET 4,0X12,5 AL/ST SEALPC1 PC á 425 ST
628177317761833116BLINDRIVET 4,0X12,5 AL/ST SEALCAR6 CAR á 425 ST
628197317761282914BLINDRIVET 4,8X8,5AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 650 ST
628197317761833123BLINDRIVET 4,8X8,5AL/ST SEALEDCAR4 CAR á 650 ST
628217317761282921BLINDRIVET 4,8X9,5 AL/ST SEAL.PC1 PC á 625 ST
628217317761833130BLINDRIVET 4,8X9,5 AL/ST SEAL.CAR4 CAR á 625 ST
628237317761282938BLINDRIVET 4,8X11 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 600 ST
628237317761833147BLINDRIVET 4,8X11 AL/ST SEALEDCAR4 CAR á 600 ST
628257317761282945BLINDRIVET 4,8X13 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 550 ST
628257317761833154BLINDRIVET 4,8X13 AL/ST SEALEDCAR4 CAR á 550 ST
628277317761282952BLINDRIVET 4,8X14,5 AL/ST SEALPC1 PC á 525 ST
628277317761833161BLINDRIVET 4,8X14,5 AL/ST SEALCAR4 CAR á 525 ST
628297317761282969BLINDRIVET 4,8X18 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 575 ST
628297317761833178BLINDRIVET 4,8X18 AL/ST SEALEDCAR4 CAR á 575 ST
628317317761282976BLINDRIVET 4,8X21 AL/ST SEALEDPC1 PC á 350 ST
628317317761833185BLINDRIVET 4,8X21 AL/ST SEALEDCAR4 CAR á 350 ST
628337317761282983BLINDRIVET 6,4X12,5 AL/ST SEALPC1 PC á 250 ST
628337317761833192BLINDRIVET 6,4X12,5 AL/ST SEALCAR4 CAR á 250 ST
628357317761282990BLINDRIVET 6,4X15,5 AL/ST SEALPC1 PC á 300 ST
628357317761833208BLINDRIVET 6,4X15,5 AL/ST SEALCAR4 CAR á 300 ST