• Corrosion resistance classC3
  • Application environmentOutdoors
  • Surface treatmentHot Dip Galvanized

Area Of Use

ESSVE Staple HDG is intended for the installation of fencing, wire, netting, etc, outdoors where there are demands on corrosion protection.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
52233007317761807933FENCE STAPEL 19X1.75 EZP10 á 60 ST
52233007317765223302FENCE STAPEL 19X1.75 EZP1 á 60 ST
77733407317761817055FENCE STAPLE 1,75X19 HDG8 á 1350 ST
77733407317761041641FENCE STAPLE 1,75X19 HDG1 á 1350 ST
52233207317761807940FENCE STAPEL 25X2,5 EZP10 á 30 ST
52233207317765223326FENCE STAPEL 25X2,5 EZP1 á 30 ST
77733507317761817062FENCE STAPLE 2,50X25 HDG8 á 470 ST
77733507317761041658FENCE STAPLE 2,50X25 HDG1 á 470 ST
52233407317761807957FENCE STAPEL 30X2,75 EZP10 á 20 ST
52233407317765223340FENCE STAPEL 30X2,75 EZP1 á 20 ST
77733607317761817079FENCE STAPLE 2,75X30 HDG8 á 360 ST
77733607317761041665FENCE STAPLE 2,75X30 HDG1 á 360 ST
77733807317761817086FENCE STAPLE 3,0X35 HDG8 á 260 ST
77733807317761041689FENCE STAPLE 3,0X35 HDG1 á 260 ST
52233607317761807964FENCE STAPEL 40X3,25 EZP10 á 15 ST
52233607317765223364FENCE STAPEL 40X3,25 EZP1 á 15 ST
77733907317761817093FENCE STAPLE 3,25X40 HDG8 á 180 ST
77733907317761041696FENCE STAPLE 3,25X40 HDG1 á 180 ST
77734007317761817109FENCE STAPLE 3,75X50 HDG8 á 120 ST
77734007317761041702FENCE STAPLE 3,75X50 HDG1 á 120 ST
52333807317761808060STAPLE 5X50 HDG10 á 5 ST
52333807317765233387STAPLE 5X50 HDG1 á 5 ST