• Corrosion resistance classC3
  • Head shapePan head
  • ApprovalsCE
  • Application environmentOutdoors
  • Surface treatmentHot Dip Galvanized

Area Of Use

ESSVE Clout nail is intended for roofing felt and asphalt board, etc outdoors where there are demands on corrosion protection. Longer dimensions are suitable for nailing e.g. boards and drywall.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
7772367317761040866CLOUT NAIL 2,1X20MM HDGPC1 PC á 1000 ST
7772367317761822851CLOUT NAIL 2,1X20MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 1000 ST
7772377317761040873CLOUT NAIL 2,1X20MM HDGPC1 PC á 2500 ST
7772377317761822868CLOUT NAIL 2,1X20MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 2500 ST
7772397317761040897CLOUT NAIL 2,8X20MM HDGPC1 PC á 725 ST
7772397317761822905CLOUT NAIL 2,8X20MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 725 ST
7772407317761040903CLOUT NAIL 2,5X25MM HDGPC1 PC á 720 ST
7772407317761822882CLOUT NAIL 2,5X25MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 720 ST
7772417317761040910CLOUT NAIL 2,5X25MM HDGPC1 PC á 1440 ST
7772417317761822875CLOUT NAIL 2,5X25MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 1440 ST
7772437317761040934CLOUT NAIL 2,8X25MM HDGPC1 PC á 625 ST
7772437317761822912CLOUT NAIL 2,8X25MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 625 ST
7772447317761040941CLOUT NAIL 2,5X30MM HDGPC1 PC á 650 ST
7772447317761822899CLOUT NAIL 2,5X30MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 650 ST
7772457317761040958CLOUT NAIL 2,5X35MM HDGPC1 PC á 550 ST
7772457317761818588CLOUT NAIL 2,5X35MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 550 ST
7772467317761040965CLOUT NAIL 2,5X35MM HDGPC1 PC á 1200 ST
7772467317761818687CLOUT NAIL 2,5X35MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 1200 ST
7772487317761040989CLOUT NAIL 2,5X40MM HDGPC1 PC á 500 ST
7772487317761818694CLOUT NAIL 2,5X40MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 500 ST
7772507317761228615CLOUT NAIL 2,8X30MM HDGPC1 PC á 490 ST
7772507317761836032CLOUT NAIL 2,8X30MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 490 ST
7772527317761228622CLOUT NAIL 2,8X35MM HDGPC1 PC á 400 ST
7772527317761836049CLOUT NAIL 2,8X35MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 400 ST
7772317317761058854CLOUT NAIL 2,8X45MM HDGPC1 PC á 750 ST
7772317317761822929CLOUT NAIL 2,8X45MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 750 ST
7772497317761040996CLOUT NAIL 2,5X50MM HDGPC1 PC á 425 ST
7772497317761818700CLOUT NAIL 2,5X50MM HDGCAR8 CAR á 425 ST
7772327317761058861CLOUT NAIL 2,8X55MM HDGPC1 PC á 650 ST
7772327317761822936CLOUT NAIL 2,8X55MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 650 ST
7772337317761058878CLOUT NAIL 2,8X65MM HDGPC1 PC á 525 ST
7772337317761822943CLOUT NAIL 2,8X65MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 525 ST
7772357317761058885CLOUT NAIL 2,8X75MM HDGPC1 PC á 450 ST
7772357317761822950CLOUT NAIL 2,8X75MM HDGCAR4 CAR á 450 ST
5221007317765221001CLOUT NAIL 20X2,1MM HDGPC1 PC á 100 ST
5221007317761807490CLOUT NAIL 20X2,1MM HDGCAR10 CAR á 100 ST
5221027317765221025CLOUT NAIL 25X2,5MM HDGPC1 PC á 80 ST
5221027317761807506CLOUT NAIL 25X2,5MM HDGCAR10 CAR á 80 ST
5221047317765221049CLOUT NAIL 35X2,5MM HDGPC1 PC á 60 ST
5221047317761807513CLOUT NAIL 35X2,5MM HDGCAR10 CAR á 60 ST