• Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Head shapePan head
  • ApprovalsCE
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Surface treatmentBright

Area Of Use

ESSVE Grooved nail Bright is intended for most carpentry work in dry environments, where there are no demands on corrosion protection.

Meets CE requirements according to EN 14592.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
77715307317761818595NAIL GROOVED 2,0X50 BRIGHT8 á 740 ST
77715307317761040255NAIL GROOVED 2,0X50 BRIGHT1 á 740 ST
77715407317761818601NAIL GROOVED 2,0X50 BRIGHT4 á 1720 STOBSOLETE
77715407317761040262NAIL GROOVED 2,0X50 BRIGHT1 á 1720 STOBSOLETE
77715707317761818618NAIL GROOVED 2,3X60 BRIGHT8 á 480 ST
77715707317761040293NAIL GROOVED 2,3X60 BRIGHT1 á 480 ST
77715907317761818632NAIL GROOVED 2,8X75 BRIGHT4 á 600 STOBSOLETE
77715907317761040316NAIL GROOVED 2,8X75 BRIGHT1 á 600 STOBSOLETE
77716007317761818649NAIL GROOVED 2,8X75 BRIGHT8 á 240 ST
77716007317761040323NAIL GROOVED 2,8X75 BRIGHT1 á 240 ST
77716107317761040330NAIL GROOVED 2,8X75 BRIGHT1 á 1200 ST
77716207317761040347NAIL GROOVED 3,4X100 BRIGHT1 á 630 ST
77716307317761818656NAIL GROOVED 3,4X100 BRIGHT4 á 315 STOBSOLETE
77716307317761040354NAIL GROOVED 3,4X100 BRIGHT1 á 315 STOBSOLETE
77716407317761818663NAIL GROOVED 3,4X100 BRIGHT8 á 125 ST
77716407317761040361NAIL GROOVED 3,4X100 BRIGHT1 á 125 ST
77716607317761825661NAIL GROOVED 4,0X125 BRIGHT4 á 180 ST
77716607317761040385NAIL GROOVED 4,0X125 BRIGHT1 á 180 ST