For the installation of windows, glazed sections, interior and exterior doors with frames made primarily of wood, but also plastic and aluminium depending on the frame's prerequisites. Programa Plus allows subsequent adjustment, which is a significant advantage when the frame, door or wall ”sags”.

ESSVE Programa Plus Frame screw consists of a zinc sleeve with an exterior thread and a steel screw which can revolve freely in the sleeve. When mounted the frame screw sleeve is fixed in the frame and the screw in the wall. By screwing the sleeve but not the screw, the frame can be adjusted inwards and outwards. Programa Plus Frame screw can be mounted without fixed blocks and provides for fully adjustable and removable mounting without damage to frames or base. Installation with Programa Frame screws improves and facilitates insulation, as the use of mineral wool or jointing foam allows for uninterrupted caulking.

Technical Specification

Corrosion resistance class C1
Material to attach Concrete, Hollow brick, Lightweight concrete, Wood, Hollow brick
Part of frame installation system Programa
Standards SS 817332
Surface treatment Zinc plated
Installation instructions
Assembly instructions (EN)
Product Data Sheet
Product sheet
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