The screw head is equipped with TX drive/bits, TX30.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Part of frame installation systemIndu-prog
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Surface treatmentZinc plated
  • Head shapeCylindrical head
  • Material to attachWood

Area Of Use

Indu-Prog wood screw is designed for lighter window/door installation together with Indu-Prog frame sleeve. Item no 105290 is recommended for heavier and classified installation.


The screw head is equipped with TX drive/bits, TX30.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
51129807317761047377INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X501 á 8 ST
10529207317761811138INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X508 á 100 ST
10529207317761050636INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X501 á 100 ST
51129907317761047476INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X651 á 8 ST
10529407317761811145INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X658 á 100 ST
10529407317761047049INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X651 á 100 ST
910529407317761050179INDU-PROG WOOD SCREW 6X651 á 1000 ST