ESSVE SAM Drywall anchor is designed for installation in all types of board materials such as: plasterboard, chipboard and fibreboard as well as plastic, metal and laminate sheets.

SAM Drywall anchor is a steel fixing element with a bottom sleeve with internal threads for the screw. For installation of SAM Drywall anchor the installation tool SAMMY or the pliers SAM must be used, see Installation accessories. The drywall anchor is then pulled together and expands in the middle, at which the four legs are bent backwards. The bearing capacity is high as the legs give a large pressure distributing surface. The installation tool ensures that the correct expansion is obtained.SAM drywall anchor gives a permanent, threaded anchor point. It is designed so that it is secured firmly, even if the screw is removed. Available with metric threaded screw in dim 4, 5 and 6 mm, and equipped with Philips crosshead Ph2.

Technical Specification

Application environment Indoors
Corrosion resistance class C1
Material to attach Plaster board, Board
Surface treatment Zinc plated
Installation instructions
Assembly instructions (EN)
Product Data Sheet
Product sheet
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