• Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentBrass
  • Main MaterialsBrass

Area Of Use

For simpler hanging in walls, e.g. pictures. Nails included. Max. 5 kg for no. 1 and 2. Max 10 kg for no. 3. Max. 15 kg for no. 4.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
51152107317761804468X-HOOK BR.PL NR1- MAX 3KG10 á 12 ST
51152107317765115218X-HOOK BR.PL NR1- MAX 3KG1 á 12 ST
51350007317761805724X-HOOK BR.PL NR1-MAX 3KG6 á 60 ST
51350007317765135001X-HOOK BR.PL NR1-MAX 3KG1 á 60 ST
51152307317761804482X-HOOK BR.PL NR210 á 12 ST
51152307317765115232X-HOOK BR.PL NR21 á 12 ST
51350207317761805731X-HOOK BR.PL NR2-MAX 5 KG6 á 60 ST
51350207317765135025X-HOOK BR.PL NR2-MAX 5 KG1 á 60 ST
51152207317761804475X-HOOK BR.PL NR3-10KG10 á 8 ST
51152207317765115225X-HOOK BR.PL NR3-10KG1 á 8 ST
51350407317761805748X-HOOK BR.PL NR3-MAX 10KG6 á 40 ST
51350407317765135049X-HOOK BR.PL NR3-MAX 10KG1 á 40 ST
51152507317761804505X-HOOK BR.PL NR4-15KG10 á 4 ST
51152507317765115256X-HOOK BR.PL NR4-15KG1 á 4 ST
51154007317761804543X-PIN 26MM10 á 12 ST
51154007317765115409X-PIN 26MM1 á 12 ST
51154407317761804567X-PIN 35MM10 á 12 ST
51154407317765115447X-PIN 35MM1 á 12 ST