• Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Outer diameter4.2
  • Surface treatmentBrass
  • Main MaterialsBrass

Area Of Use

Decorative washer of nickel-plated brass. Intended for installation together with countersunk self-tapping/wood screws.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
5159017317765159014ORNAMENT WASHER 4,2X11X1,8PC1 PC á 8.00 ST
5159017317761806073ORNAMENT WASHER 4,2X11X1,8CAR10 CAR á 8 ST
51590107317761806073ORNAMENT WASHER 4,2X11X1,8CAR10 CAR á 8.00 ST
5159067317765159069ORNAMENT WASHER 5,0X13X2,1PC1 PC á 8.00 ST
5159067317761806080ORNAMENT WASHER 5,0X13X2,1CAR10 CAR á 8 ST
51590607317761806080ORNAMENT WASHER 5,0X13X2,1CAR10 CAR á 8.00 ST
5159117317765159113ORNAMENT WASHER 6,3X14,4X2,5PC1 PC á 6.00 ST
5159117317761806097ORNAMENT WASHER 6,3X14,4X2,5CAR10 CAR á 6 ST
51591107317761806097ORNAMENT WASHER 6,3X14,4X2,5CAR10 CAR á 6.00 ST