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  • Main MaterialsBrass
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentBrass
  • Head shapeRaised countersunk
  • Material to attachWood

Area Of Use

ESSVE Wood screw with countersunk pan head designed for installation in wood.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
52516007317761808398WOOD SCREW RCS 2,5X12 BRASS10 á 16 ST
52516007317765251602WOOD SCREW RCS 2,5X12 BRASS1 á 16 ST
52516207317761808404WOOD SCREW RCS 3,0X16 BRASS10 á 12 ST
52516207317765251626WOOD SCREW RCS 3,0X16 BRASS1 á 12 ST
52516707317761808428WOOD SCREW RCS 3,0X20 BRASS10 á 14 ST
52516707317765251671WOOD SCREW RCS 3,0X20 BRASS1 á 14 ST
52516407317761808411WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X16 BRASS10 á 10 ST
52516407317765251640WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X16 BRASS1 á 10 ST
52516907317761808435WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X20 BRASS10 á 10 ST
52516907317765251695WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X20 BRASS1 á 10 ST
52517107317761808442WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X25 BRASS10 á 10 ST
52517107317765251718WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X25 BRASS1 á 10 ST
52517507317761808459WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X30 BRASS10 á 10 ST
52517507317765251756WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X30 BRASS1 á 10 ST
52517907317761808473WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X40 BRASS10 á 8 ST
52517907317765251794WOOD SCREW RCS 3,5X40 BRASS1 á 8 ST
52517707317761808466WOOD SCREW RCS 4,0X30 BRASS10 á 8 ST
52517707317765251770WOOD SCREW RCS 4,0X30 BRASS1 á 8 ST
52518107317761808480WOOD SCREW RCS 4,0X40 BRASS10 á 6 ST
52518107317765251817WOOD SCREW RCS 4,0X40 BRASS1 á 6 ST
52518307317761808497WOOD SCREW RCS 4,0X50 BRASS10 á 6 ST
52518307317765251831WOOD SCREW RCS 4,0X50 BRASS1 á 6 ST
52518507317761808503WOOD SCREW RCS 5,0X50 BRASS10 á 6 ST
52518507317765251855WOOD SCREW RCS 5,0X50 BRASS1 á 6 ST