The screw is made of hardened steel with an electro-zinc plating for indoor use. The screw has a pan head and is equipped with a TX mount/bits. For length 70mm and longer it has an extra milling thread direct after the ordinary thread that ease the mounting of longer and larger screws. The screw fulfills the CE demands according to EN14592.

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  • Main MaterialsSteel
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentZinc plated
  • Head shapePan head
  • Material to attachWood
  • Recommended rpm400-2000
  • ApprovalsCE
  • MaterialSAE1022

Area Of Use

ESSDRIVE Wood screw is intended for most installation work in chipboard, wood, plastic, connectors, plugs etc.


The screw is made of hardened steel with an electro-zinc plating for indoor use. The screw has a pan head and is equipped with a TX mount/bits. For length 70mm and longer it has an extra milling thread direct after the ordinary thread that ease the mounting of longer and larger screws. The screw fulfills the CE demands according to EN14592.


Recommended RPM: 400-1200/min

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
41414007317761877486WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,0X12 EZP12 á 20 ST
41414007317761876441WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,0X12 EZP1 á 20 ST
13414007317761886563WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,0x12 EZP6 á 200 ST
13414007317761886013WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,0x12 EZP1 á 200 ST
41410107317761877202WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,0X16 EZP12 á 20 ST
41410107317761876168WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,0X16 EZP1 á 20 ST
13410107317761886570WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,0x16 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410107317761886020WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,0x16 EZP1 á 200 ST
13410207317761886587WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,0x20 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410207317761886037WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,0x20 EZP1 á 200 ST
13410307317761886594WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x16 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410307317761886044WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x16 EZP1 á 200 ST
41410407317761877219WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,5X20 EZP12 á 20 ST
41410407317761876175WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,5X20 EZP1 á 20 ST
13410407317761886600WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x20 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410407317761886051WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x20 EZP1 á 200 ST
13410507317761886617WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x25 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410507317761886068WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x25 EZP1 á 200 ST
41410607317761877226WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,5X30 EZP12 á 20 ST
41410607317761876182WOOD SCREW ESS PH 3,5X30 EZP1 á 20 ST
13410607317761886624WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x30 EZP12 á 200 ST
13410607317761886075WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x30 EZP1 á 200 ST
13410707317761886631WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x40 EZP12 á 200 ST
13410707317761886082WOODSCREW ESS PH 3,5x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
41410807317761877233WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X12 EZP12 á 20 ST
41410807317761876199WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X12 EZP1 á 20 ST
13410807317761886648WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x12 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410807317761886099WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x12 EZP1 á 200 ST
41410907317761877240WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X16 EZP12 á 20 ST
41410907317761876205WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X16 EZP1 á 20 ST
13410907317761886655WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x16 EZP6 á 200 ST
13410907317761886105WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x16 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411007317761877257WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X20 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411007317761876212WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X20 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411007317761886662WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x20 EZP6 á 200 ST
13411007317761886112WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x20 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411107317761877264WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X25 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411107317761876229WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X25 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411107317761886679WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x25 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411107317761886129WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x25 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411207317761877271WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X30 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411207317761876236WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X30 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411207317761886686WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x30 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411207317761886136WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x30 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411307317761877288WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X35 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411307317761876243WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X35 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411307317761886693WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x35 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411307317761886143WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x35 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411407317761877295WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X40 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411407317761876250WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X40 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411407317761886709WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x40 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411407317761886150WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
13411507317761886716WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x45 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411507317761886167WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x45 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411607317761877301WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X50 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
41411607317761876267WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,0X50 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
13411607317761886723WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x50 EZP8 á 200 ST
13411607317761886174WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,0x50 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411707317761877318WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X20 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411707317761876274WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X20 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411707317761886730WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x20 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411707317761886181WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x20 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411807317761877325WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X25 EZP12 á 20 ST
41411807317761876281WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X25 EZP1 á 20 ST
13411807317761886747WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x25 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411807317761886198WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x25 EZP1 á 200 ST
41411907317761877332WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X30 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
41411907317761876298WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X30 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
13411907317761886754WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x30 EZP12 á 200 ST
13411907317761886204WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x30 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412007317761877349WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X35 EZP12 á 20 ST
41412007317761876304WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X35 EZP1 á 20 ST
13412007317761886761WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x35 EZP12 á 200 ST
13412007317761886211WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x35 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412107317761877356WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X40 EZP12 á 20 ST
41412107317761876311WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X40 EZP1 á 20 ST
13412107317761886778WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x40 EZP8 á 200 ST
13412107317761886228WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412207317761877363WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X50 EZP12 á 20 ST
41412207317761876328WOOD SCREW ESS PH 4,5X50 EZP1 á 20 ST
13412207317761886785WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x50 EZP8 á 200 ST
13412207317761886235WOODSCREW ESS PH 4,5x50 EZP1 á 200 ST
13414207317761886792WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x16 EZP12 á 200 ST
13414207317761886242WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x16 EZP1 á 200 ST
41414307317761877509WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X25 EZP12 á 20 ST
41414307317761876465WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X25 EZP1 á 20 ST
13414307317761886808WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x25 EZP12 á 200 ST
13414307317761886259WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x25 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412507317761877370WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X30 EZP12 á 20 ST
41412507317761876335WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X30 EZP1 á 20 ST
13414407317761886815WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x30 EZP12 á 200 ST
13414407317761886266WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x30 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412607317761877387WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X35 EZP12 á 20 ST
41412607317761876342WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X35 EZP1 á 20 ST
13414507317761886822WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x35 EZP8 á 200 ST
13414507317761886273WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x35 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412707317761877394WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X40 EZP12 á 20 ST
41412707317761876359WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X40 EZP1 á 20 ST
13414607317761886839WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x40 EZP8 á 200 ST
13414607317761886280WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412807317761877400WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X50 EZP6 á 20 ST
41412807317761876366WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X50 EZP1 á 20 ST
13414707317761886846WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x50 EZP6 á 200 ST
13414707317761886297WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x50 EZP1 á 200 ST
41412907317761877417WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X60 EZP12 á 10 ST
41412907317761876373WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X60 EZP1 á 10 ST
13414807317761886853WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x60 EZP8 á 100 ST
13414807317761886303WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x60 EZP1 á 100 ST
4141307317761917601WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X70 EZPCAR6 CAR á 10 ST
41413007317761872047WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X70 EZP1 á 10 ST
13414907317761886860WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x70 EZP8 á 100 ST
13414907317761886310WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x70 EZP1 á 100 ST
41415007317761877516WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X80 EZP8 á 10 ST
41415007317761876472WOOD SCREW ESS PH 5,0X80 EZP1 á 10 ST
13415007317761886877WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x80 EZP8 á 100 ST
13415007317761886327WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x80 EZP1 á 100 ST
13415107317761886884WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x90 EZP8 á 100 ST
13415107317761886334WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x90 EZP1 á 100 ST
13413307317761886891WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x100EZP8 á 100 ST
13413307317761886341WOODSCREW ESS PH 5,0x100EZP1 á 100 ST
41413407317761877424WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X40 EZP6 á 20 ST
41413407317761876380WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X40 EZP1 á 20 ST
13413407317761886907WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x40 EZP6 á 200 ST
13413407317761886358WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
41413507317761877431WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X50 EZP6 á 20 ST
41413507317761876397WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X50 EZP1 á 20 ST
13413507317761886914WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x50 EZP6 á 200 ST
13413507317761886365WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x50 EZP1 á 200 ST
41413607317761877448WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X60 EZP6 á 10 ST
41413607317761876403WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X60 EZP1 á 10 ST
13413607317761886921WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x60 EZP8 á 100 ST
13413607317761886372WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x60 EZP1 á 100 ST
41413707317761877455WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X70 EZP6 á 10 ST
41413707317761876410WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X70 EZP1 á 10 ST
13413707317761886938WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x70 EZP8 á 100 ST
13413707317761886389WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x70 EZP1 á 100 ST
41413807317761877462WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X80 EZP8 á 10 ST
41413807317761876427WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X80 EZP1 á 10 ST
13413807317761886945WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x80 EZP8 á 100 ST
13413807317761886396WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x80 EZP1 á 100 ST
41414107317761877493WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X90 EZP8 á 10 ST
41414107317761876458WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X90 EZP1 á 10 ST
13414107317761886952WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x90 EZP6 á 100 ST
13414107317761886402WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x90 EZP1 á 100 ST
41413907317761877479WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X100 EZP8 á 10 ST
41413907317761876434WOOD SCREW ESS PH 6,0X100 EZP1 á 10 ST
13413907317761886969WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x100EZP6 á 100 ST
13413907317761886419WOODSCREW ESS PH 6,0x100EZP1 á 100 ST