The screw is made of hardened steel with an electro-zinc plated surface (for indoor use). It's equipped with TX mount/bits. The screw has a patent head shape that minimizes splinters and gives a good finish result. For length 70mm and longer it has an extra milling thread direct after the ordinary thread that ease the mounting of longer and larger screws. Underneath the head, the screw has cutting mills that cut the wood fibers and recess the screw into the wood with a smooth surface without splinters. The head also works well in recessed connectors though it doesn't have protruding ribs. The screw fulfills the CE demands according to EN14592.

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  • Main MaterialsSteel
  • ApprovalsCE
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentZinc plated
  • Head shapeCountersunk
  • Material to attachWood
  • Recommended rpm400-2000
  • MaterialSAE1022

Area Of Use

ESSDRIVE Wood screw are intended for most installation work in chipboard, wood, plastic, connectors, plugs etc.


The screw is made of hardened steel with an electro-zinc plated surface (for indoor use). It's equipped with TX mount/bits. The screw has a patent head shape that minimizes splinters and gives a good finish result. For length 70mm and longer it has an extra milling thread direct after the ordinary thread that ease the mounting of longer and larger screws. Underneath the head, the screw has cutting mills that cut the wood fibers and recess the screw into the wood with a smooth surface without splinters. The head also works well in recessed connectors though it doesn't have protruding ribs. The screw fulfills the CE demands according to EN14592.


Recommended rpm: 400-1200/min

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
4161507317761876687WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X12 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4161507317761877721WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X12 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361507317761882879WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x12 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361507317761886426WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x12 EZP6 á 200 ST
4161517317761876694WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X16 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4161517317761877738WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X16 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361517317761882886WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x16 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361517317761886433WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x16 EZP6 á 200 ST
4161017317761876618WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X20 EZP1 á 20 ST
4161017317761877653WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X20 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361017317761882893WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x20 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361017317761886440WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x20 EZP6 á 200 ST
1361027317761882909WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x25 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361027317761886457WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x25 EZP6 á 200 ST
4161037317761876632WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X30 EZP1 á 20 ST
4161037317761877677WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,0X30 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361037317761882916WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x30 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361037317761886464WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x30 EZP6 á 200 ST
1361047317761882923WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x35 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361047317761886471WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x35 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361527317761882930WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361527317761886488WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,0x40 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361057317761882947WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x16 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361057317761886495WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x16 EZP6 á 200 ST
1361067317761882954WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x20 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361067317761886501WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x20 EZP6 á 200 ST
1361077317761882961WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x25 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361077317761886518WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x25 EZP6 á 200 ST
4161087317761876663WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,5X30 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4161087317761877707WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,5X30 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361087317761882978WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x30 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361087317761886525WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x30 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361097317761885986WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x35 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361097317761886532WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x35 EZP12 á 200 ST
4161107317761876670WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,5X40 EZP1 á 20 ST
4161107317761877714WOOD SCREW ESS CS 3,5X40 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361107317761885993WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x40 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361107317761886549WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x40 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361537317761886006WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x50 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361537317761886556WOODSCREW ESS CS 3,5x50 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361117317761848325WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x20 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4361117317761870159WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x20 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361117317761847847WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X20 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361117317761924135WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X20 EZP6 á 200 ST
4361127317761848332WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x25 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4361127317761870166WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x25 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361127317761847854WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X25 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361127317761924142WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X25 EZP6 á 200 ST
4361137317761848349WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x30 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361137317761870173WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x30 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361117317761869672WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X20 EZPCAR24 CAR á 200 ST
1361137317761847861WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X30 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361137317761869696WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X30 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361147317761847878WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X35 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361147317761869702WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X35 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361127317761869689WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X25 EZPCAR24 CAR á 200 ST
4361157317761848363WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x40 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4361157317761870197WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x40 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361157317761847885WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X40 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361157317761869719WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X40 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361167317761848370WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x45 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361167317761870203WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x45 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361167317761847892WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X45 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361167317761869726WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X45 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361177317761848387WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x50 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4361177317761870210WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x50 EZP12 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361177317761847908WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X50 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361177317761869733WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X50 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361187317761848394WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x60 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361187317761870227WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0x60 EZP12 á 10 ST
1361187317761847915WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X60 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361187317761869740WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,0X60 EZP12 á 100 ST
4361547317761848400WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5x25 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361547317761870234WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5x25 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361547317761847922WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X25 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361547317761869757WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X25 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361197317761847939WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X30 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361197317761869764WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X30 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361557317761848424WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5x35 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361557317761870258WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5x35 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361557317761847946WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X35 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361557317761869771WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X35 EZP12 á 200 ST
1361207317761847953WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X40 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361207317761869788WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X40 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361217317761848448WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5x50 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361217317761870272WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5x50 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361217317761847960WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X50 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361217317761869795WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X50 EZP8 á 200 ST
1361227317761847977WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X60 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361227317761869801WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X60 EZP12 á 100 ST
100033437317761939436WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X70 EZP1 á 100 ST
100033437317761939535WOOD SCREW ESS CS 4,5X70 EZP8 á 100 ST
1361567317761847991WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X25 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361567317761869825WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X25 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361257317761848486WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x30 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361257317761870319WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x30 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361257317761848004WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X30 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361257317761869832WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X30 EZP12 á 200 ST
4361577317761848493WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x35 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361577317761870326WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x35 EZP12 á 20 ST
1361577317761848011WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X35 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361577317761869849WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X35 EZP12 á 200 ST
1363267317761882572WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X40EZP TX201 á 200
1363267317761882725WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X40EZP TX208 á 200
4361267317761848509WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x40 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4361267317761870333WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x40 EZP6 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361267317761848028WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X40 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361267317761869856WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X40 EZP8 á 200 ST
1363277317761882589WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X50EZP TX201 á 200 OBSOLETE
1363277317761882732WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X50EZP TX208 á 200 OBSOLETE
4361277317761848516WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x50 EZP1 á 20 ST
4361277317761870340WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x50 EZP6 á 20 ST
1361277317761848035WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X50 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361277317761869863WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X50 EZP8 á 200 ST
1363287317761882596WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X60EZP TX201 á 100
1363287317761882749WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X60EZP TX208 á 100
4361287317761848523WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x60 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361287317761870357WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x60 EZP12 á 10 ST
1361287317761848042WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X60 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361287317761869870WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X60 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362287317761848059WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X60 EZP1 á 800 ST
1363297317761882602WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X70EZP TX201 á 100
1363297317761882756WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X70EZP TX208 á 100
4361297317761848530WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x70 EZP1 á 10 STOBSOLETE
4361297317761870364WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x70 EZP12 á 10 STOBSOLETE
1361297317761848066WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X70 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361297317761869894WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X70 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362297317761848073WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X70 EZP1 á 700 ST
4361307317761848547WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x80 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361307317761870371WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x80 EZP6 á 10 ST
1361307317761848080WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X80 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361307317761869917WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X80 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362307317761848097WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X80 EZP1 á 700 ST
1363307317761882619WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X80EZP TX201 á 100
1363307317761882763WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X80EZP TX208 á 100
4361317317761848554WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x90 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361317317761870388WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0x90 EZP8 á 10 ST
1361317317761848103WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X90 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361317317761869931WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X90 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362317317761848110WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5,0X90 EZP1 á 600 ST
1363317317761882626WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X90EZP TX201 á 100
1363317317761882770WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X90EZP TX208 á 100
1363327317761882633WOOD SCR ESS CS 5X100 EZP TX201 á 100 OBSOLETE
1363327317761882787WOOD SCR ESS CS 5X100 EZP TX208 á 100 OBSOLETE
1361327317761848127WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X100 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361327317761869955WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X100 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362327317761848134WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X100 EZP1 á 600 ST
1361337317761848141WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X120 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361337317761869979WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X120 EZP6 á 100 ST
1362337317761848158WOOD SCREW ESS CS 5X120 EZP1 á 500 ST
1361597317761848165WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X40 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361597317761869993WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X40 EZP8 á 200 ST
4361407317761848561WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x50 EZP1 á 20 STOBSOLETE
4361407317761870395WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x50 EZP6 á 20 STOBSOLETE
1361407317761848172WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X50 EZP1 á 200 ST
1361407317761870005WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X50 EZP6 á 200 ST
4361417317761848578WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x60 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361417317761870401WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x60 EZP12 á 10 ST
1361417317761848189WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X60 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361417317761870012WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X60 EZP8 á 100 ST
4361427317761848585WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x70 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361427317761870418WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x70 EZP6 á 10 ST
1361427317761848196WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X70 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361427317761870029WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X70 EZP8 á 100 ST
4361437317761848592WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x80 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361437317761870425WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x80 EZP6 á 10 ST
1361437317761848202WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X80 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361437317761870036WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X80 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362437317761848219WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X80 EZP1 á 500 ST
4361607317761848608WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x90 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361607317761870432WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x90 EZP8 á 10 ST
1361607317761848226WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X90 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361607317761870050WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X90 EZP8 á 100 ST
1362607317761848233WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0X90 EZP1 á 400 ST
4361447317761848615WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x100 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361447317761870449WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x100 EZP8 á 10 ST
1361447317761848240WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X100 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361447317761870074WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X100 EZP6 á 100 ST
1362447317761848257WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X100 EZP1 á 400 ST
1361457317761848264WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X110 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361457317761870098WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X110 EZP6 á 100 ST
4361467317761848622WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x120 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361467317761870456WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x120 EZP8 á 10 ST
1361467317761848271WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X120 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361467317761870104WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X120 EZP6 á 100 ST
1362467317761848288WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X120 EZP1 á 350 ST
1361477317761848295WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X130 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361477317761870128WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X130 EZP6 á 100 ST
4361487317761848639WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x140 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361487317761870463WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x140 EZP6 á 10 ST
1361487317761848301WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X140 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361487317761870135WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X140 EZP6 á 100 ST
4361497317761848646WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x150 EZP1 á 10 ST
4361497317761870470WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6,0x150 EZP6 á 10 ST
1361497317761848318WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X150 EZP1 á 100 ST
1361497317761870142WOOD SCREW ESS CS 6X150 EZP4 á 100 ST