ESSVE Concrete Screw ECS is an affordable concrete screw for simpler applications where the assembly does not require e.g. ETA approval.

A through-hardened concrete screw that is installed directly into a pre-drilled hole, without a plug. It has a so-called hi-low thread that provide good load capacity and facilitates assembly.

Electro zinc plated surface treatment is suitable for indoor use in corrosivity category C1. According to ISO 9223 typical environments that correspond to corrosivity category C1 are heated spaces with low humidity and insignificant pollution e.g. offices, shops, schools, hotels.

When mounting, an impact screwdriver is recommended. See installation instructions.

The concrete screw does not require a preload torque to ensure the fixing, which means that when the screw has reached the surface, all additional tightening must be avoided. The final torque applied shall not be greater than that required to hold what is to be fixed in place. The tightening torque specified is the maximum torque, not to be confused with other products that require a preload torque (e.g. wedge anchors).

Concrete screw ECS is through-hardened and therefore sensitive to mounting that is not perpendicular. The drill hole shall be 90 degrees to the substrate.

Concrete screw ECS has no requirement for drill hole cleaning before installation, however the hole must be deep enough that the correct setting depth is reached even with the extra dust that remains in the hole.

Technical Specification

Application environment Outdoors
Head shape Countersunk
Corrosion resistance class C2 indoor
Material to attach Concrete
Surface treatment Zinc plated
Thread length 42
Product Data Sheet
Product sheet
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