The rivet washer is made of steel with bright zinc plated surface treatment for indoor use.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentZinc plated
  • MaterialHV140
  • Application environmentIndoors

Area Of Use

A rivet washer can be used for easier types of installations where a washer with a larger outer diameter is required to distribute the pressure from the screw.


The rivet washer is made of steel with bright zinc plated surface treatment for indoor use.


It is important to choose the right type of washer to suit the installation.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
53506407317761809333LARGE DIAM. WASHER 4X16 EZP10 á 12 ST
53506407317765350640LARGE DIAM. WASHER 4X16 EZP1 á 12 ST
6106827307317761821946RIVET WASHER 4X16 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106827307317761068273RIVET WASHER 4X16 EZP1 á 200 ST
53506607317761809340LARGE DIAM. WASHER 5X19 EZP10 á 12 ST
53506607317765350664LARGE DIAM. WASHER 5X19 EZP1 á 12 ST
6106828007317761821953RIVET WASHER 5X19 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106828007317761068280RIVET WASHER 5X19 EZP1 á 200 ST
53506807317761809357LARGE DIAM. WASHER 6X22 EZP10 á 10 ST
53506807317765350688LARGE DIAM. WASHER 6X22 EZP1 á 10 ST
6106829707317761821960RIVET WASHER 6X22 EZP24 á 100 ST
6106829707317761068297RIVET WASHER 6X22 EZP1 á 100 ST
53507007317761809364LARGE DIAM. WASHER 8X25 EZP10 á 8 ST
53507007317765350701LARGE DIAM. WASHER 8X25 EZP1 á 8 ST
6106830307317761821977RIVET WASHER 8X25 EZP24 á 50 ST
6106830307317761068303RIVET WASHER 8X25 EZP1 á 50 ST
6106831007317761821984RIVET WASHER 10X25 EZP12 á 50 ST
6106831007317761068310RIVET WASHER 10X25 EZP1 á 50 ST
6106832707317761821991RIVET WASHER 12X30 EZP12 á 50 ST
6106832707317761068327RIVET WASHER 12X30 EZP1 á 50 ST