The screw is produced in hardened carbon steel in grade 4.8 with bright zinc plated surface treatment. The screw has a round head with a PH bit drive.

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  • Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentZinc plated
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Head shapePan head

Area Of Use

Machine screws are used for all types of installations where a fully threaded metric screw is required.


The screw is produced in hardened carbon steel in grade 4.8 with bright zinc plated surface treatment. The screw has a round head with a PH bit drive.


In order for a bolted joint to work correctly and be able to counter static and varying loads for long periods the bolts must be preloaded, for example, by tightening with a given torque. Preloading must normally be held to such a level that the combined load in the bolt does not exceed the bolt material’s tensile yield limit. For the correct installation of a machine screw grade 4.8 to be correct a flat washer of at least HV140 hardness should be used.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
6106951507317761830863MACHINE SCREW PH M3X6 EZP24 á 400 ST
6106951507317761069515MACHINE SCREW PH M3X6 EZP1 á 400 ST
6106952207317761830870MACHINE SCREW PH M3X10 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106952207317761069522MACHINE SCREW PH M3X10 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106953907317761830887MACHINE SCREW PH M3X16 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106953907317761069539MACHINE SCREW PH M3X16 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106954607317761830894MACHINE SCREW PH M3X20 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106954607317761069546MACHINE SCREW PH M3X20 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106955307317761830900MACHINE SCREW PH M3X25 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106955307317761069553MACHINE SCREW PH M3X25 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106956007317761830917MACHINE SCREW PH M3X30 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106956007317761069560MACHINE SCREW PH M3X30 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106957707317761830924MACHINE SCREW PH M3X40 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106957707317761069577MACHINE SCREW PH M3X40 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106958407317761830931MACHINE SCREW PH M4X10 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106958407317761069584MACHINE SCREW PH M4X10 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106959107317761830948MACHINE SCREW PH M4X12 EZP24 á 200 ST
6106959107317761069591MACHINE SCREW PH M4X12 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106960707317761830955MACHINE SCREW PH M4X16 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106960707317761069607MACHINE SCREW PH M4X16 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106961407317761830962MACHINE SCREW PH M4X20 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106961407317761069614MACHINE SCREW PH M4X20 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106962107317761830979MACHINE SCREW PH M4X30 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106962107317761069621MACHINE SCREW PH M4X30 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106963807317761830986MACHINE SCREW PH M4X40 EZP12 á 200 STOBSOLETE
6106963807317761069638MACHINE SCREW PH M4X40 EZP1 á 200 STOBSOLETE
6106964507317761830993MACHINE SCREW PH M5X12 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106964507317761069645MACHINE SCREW PH M5X12 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106965207317761831006MACHINE SCREW PH M5X16 EZP12 á 200 ST
6106965207317761069652MACHINE SCREW PH M5X16 EZP1 á 200 ST
6106966907317761831013MACHINE SCREW PH M5X20 EZP12 á 200 STOBSOLETE
6106966907317761069669MACHINE SCREW PH M5X20 EZP1 á 200 STOBSOLETE
6106967607317761831020MACHINE SCREW PH M5X25 EZP12 á 100 STOBSOLETE
6106967607317761069676MACHINE SCREW PH M5X25 EZP1 á 100 STOBSOLETE
6106968307317761831037MACHINE SCREW PH M5X30 EZP12 á 100 ST
6106968307317761069683MACHINE SCREW PH M5X30 EZP1 á 100 ST
6106969007317761831044MACHINE SCREW PH M5X40 EZP12 á 100 ST
6106969007317761069690MACHINE SCREW PH M5X40 EZP1 á 100 ST
6106970607317761831051MACHINE SCREW PH M6X16 EZP12 á 100 ST
6106970607317761069706MACHINE SCREW PH M6X16 EZP1 á 100 ST
6106971307317761831068MACHINE SCREW PH M6X20 EZP12 á 100 ST
6106971307317761069713MACHINE SCREW PH M6X20 EZP1 á 100 ST
6106972007317761831075MACHINE SCREW PH M6X25 EZP12 á 100 ST
6106972007317761069720MACHINE SCREW PH M6X25 EZP1 á 100 ST
6106973707317761831082MACHINE SCREW PH M6X30 EZP12 á 50 ST
6106973707317761069737MACHINE SCREW PH M6X30 EZP1 á 50 ST
6106974407317761831099MACHINE SCREW PH M6X40 EZP12 á 50 STOBSOLETE
6106974407317761069744MACHINE SCREW PH M6X40 EZP1 á 50 STOBSOLETE
6106975107317761831105MACHINE SCREW PH M6X50 EZP12 á 50 ST
6106975107317761069751MACHINE SCREW PH M6X50 EZP1 á 50 ST