Carriage bolts, also known as round head square neck bolts, are used in timber structures together with a nut and washer where you need an installation without a protruding head.

The Carriage bolt is bright zinc plated for use indoors, and hot dip galvanized for use outdoors. The Carriage bolt is made of steel grade 4.6.

Install in pre-drilled holes that are slightly larger than the bolt diameter. Knock in the Carriage bolt so that the square neck sinks into the timer. Now fit the nut and washer and tighten to a suitable torque. As the Carriage bolt is designed for installation in wood there are no details concerning tightening torque.

Technical Specification

Application environment Indoors
Corrosion resistance class C1
Material 4.6
Standards ISO 8677
Surface treatment Zinc plated
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