The hexagon nylon lock nut is intended for installation where a certain degree of joint locking is required. Nylon lock nuts in DIN 985 are currently the most common lock nut on the market. On joints where greater demands are made on strength a high lock nut should be used or nuts with pre-applied locking element that is permanently fused in the screw threads.

The nut is made of steel with bright zinc plated surface treatment for indoor use with a pre-applied nylon ring that performs the locking. The nut is manufactured in accordance with strength class 6 in a design according to DIN 985.

A bolt in a particular strength class fitted with a nut in the corresponding strength class is designed to form a joint in which one can obtain a preload in the bolt corresponding to the test force without the risk of the thread shearing. A lock nut with a nylon ring as in DIN 985 has significantly impaired properties with repeated dismantling.

Technical Specification

Application environment Indoors
Head shape Hexagon head
Corrosion resistance class C1
Material Class-6
Standards DIN 985
Surface treatment Zinc plated
Product Data Sheet
Product sheet
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