• Corrosion resistance classC1
  • Surface treatmentYellow zink plated
  • Application environmentIndoors
  • Material to attachWood

Area Of Use

ESSVE Eye wood screw with a wood screw thread and closed eye is designed for hanging up materials in wood.

Item numberEANNamePackagePackage contentsBV
30331207317761016151EYE WOOD SCREW 8X55X15 EZP1 á 50 ST
30330207317761016250EYE WOOD SCREW 8X80X15 EZP1 á 50 ST
30330407317761016359EYE WOOD SCREW 8X100X15 EZP1 á 50 ST
30330807317761016557EYE WOOD SCREW 8X150X15 EZP1 á 50 ST
30331007317761016656EYE WOOD SCREW 8X200X15 EZP1 á 50 ST
30346507317761028437EYE WOOD SCR 8,9X100X20 EZP1 á 100 ST
30347307317761028734EYE WOOD SCR 8,9X250X20 EZP1 á 50 STOBSOLETE