• For inside and outside
  • Stone walls, kerb stones
  • Top stone, concrete
  • Lightweight concrete, Leca, brick
  • Wood, metal, drywall
  • Styrofoam, insulation
  • Extra quick curing with activator

Replaces both mounting adhesive and PU adhesive for use in non classified or load carrying joints. Effective and timesaving. Gives a very strong and gap filling, waterproof fixing. Stone Adhesive comes with a multiadapter and can be applied with straw or with a foam gun. Gun is recommended since it gives better control and better possibilities to start working again after some time. It makes it also possible to use the ESSVE Y-adapter (accessories) which saves even more time. Cures extra quickly with ESSVE Activator – perfect for lower temperatures down to -18°C and closed applications.

  • Fast curing
  • Extra fast curing with ESSVE Aktivator
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Does not withstand sunlight, must be covered/painted over
  • Working Temperature -10° to +35°C
  • Fixates after 10 minutes
  • Can be loaded from 30-60 minutes

Technical Specification

Color Beige
Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Document
TDS Stenlim Pro
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