ESSVE tops survey done by Swedish magazine DMH

Thanks! It is you, all carpenters, that make us better!

What is important when craftsmen choose screws?

Product! The industry magazine DMH asked 270 craftsmen and we are proud and grateful to be ranked number one on the question of which screw suppliers stand for quality. Why do we do it? We believe it is thanks to our collaborations with stubborn, demanding and demanding craftsmen during the development process of our products. Thank you Roffe, Peter, Johan, Anton and all you others who help us get better!

Close collaboration with carpenters

At ESSVE, all product development is based on the carpenter's needs. From minor updates to the development of brand new products, we always start with the professionals' challenges.

“Together with the carpenters we map what challenges they have in their everyday lives. Then the development work starts. The pros participate and test and think all the way until the product is on the shelf. When a new screw is released, we listen to all feedback and bring the knowledge to when the next update is made." - Christofer Lindberg, Product Manager screw on ESSVE.

"We who influence what's on the shelf"

"We get to test the latest in screws and adhesives. It's fun and evolving for us to provide feedback. We get the latest from ESSVE that makes the workday easier and gets the chance to influence what products end up on the shelf" - Anton, Snickare PEA Byggservice.

A thank you note from Swedish CEO

… It's great that carpenters appreciate what we do and also take the time to point out to us when they feel we've done wrong. We love screwing and fixing and I think it is noticed by our customers which is also reflected in the survey. Everything we do, we do for the professional craftsmen, which in turn drives our product development. - Johan Cederstrand, CEO ESSVE Sweden

Read the full survey at DMH

DMH's investigation of screw suppliers is carried out completely independently of the screw manufacturers. According to the survey, ESSVE is the most well-known screw supplier and we top the lists on the questions "Which suppliers stand for quality?" and "Which screw manufacturer would you like to buy?"

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