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WAF - Replacing the coach screw

WAF - A better way to get the job done



The WAF construction screw is ideal for installing joists and post bases. It simplifies the job of mounting brackets, joist hangers and stanchion holders. Unlike coach screws, no pre-drilling is required.


Advantages with WAF:

• The thread cutting tip minimises the risk of splitting
• No pre-drilling required
• Flat and round heads give a low overall height and aesthetically pleasing final result
• CE marked for approved assembly

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No pre-drilling required

intervju_stefan_sjodin.jpgStefan the carpenter chooses WAF

Stefan Sjödin runs Sjödin Bygg AB in Sundsvall where he works with everything from carpentry to property management. He works extensively in the industry, including with his biggest client SCA. He has worked with the WAF construction screw for about 5 years and thinks it works really well.

“I use WAF mainly for slightly heavier mounting, such as traffic mirrors, signs and fluorescent lamps. Often there are fairly large pre-drilled holes in the sheet metal parts, but because WAF has such a large head, I do not have use washers,” says Stefan.

Something that Stefan also appreciates about WAF is the sharp tip as he thinks it is very easy to screw in thanks to the sharp thread cutting tip. Stefan used to use a lot of coach screws, but now he thinks WAF is much smoother because it can be fitted with a regular screwdriver and then the end result is much nicer.

"I'm almost a little in love with the WAF," laughs Stefan.

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Jocce the carpenter 

"WAF is absolutely magical," thinks Jocce Zanders, who runs the Duffas Snickeri construction company.⁠ He has been a carpenter for 15 years (5 years as his own boss) and uses WAF in all types of designs where he previously used coach screws.

“Recently, I used WAF when I fixed the wooden log frame of an old barn that was converted into a sewing studio. It worked just as well. " ⁠

⁠Jocce also likes the big, low head which gives good clamping power and a nice final result. It is the most important aspect, according to him.

“The industry is moving forward and clients and customers are becoming more demanding as they are becoming more and more aware of the industry as a whole, so the fact that WAF is also CE marked/approved also helps,” says Jocce. 

We at ESSVE are of course happy that Jocce and many other professional builders like our WAF construction screw. You can find more about the screw below.

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