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New product: ESSDECK Max

Decking screw developed in collaboration with Scandinavian carpenters.

Developed with carpenters




Our experts asked for insights into the recurring nightmares professional deck builders faced at work. After carefully analysing what they told us, our engineers came up with a decking screw to put those nightmares to rest, with an outstanding clamping force for an aesthetically pleasing and splinter-free installation.

ESSDECK Max – the answer to every deck builder’s dreams.

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Better steel

ESSDECK Max with CorrSeal (C4) surface treatment have been upgraded to a steel with the same quality as our other construction screws. Only the best is good enough for your wooden deck.

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Put skewed boards in place

A problem commonly encountered by carpenters is warped decking timber that causes headaches during installation. To tackle the challenge, ESSDECK Max has double threads with different thread pitches. The lower thread has a somewhat courser pitch and the upper thread a slightly finer pitch, which gives an optimal clamping force.

When the lower threads, which bite into the timber faster, reach the joist and the upper threads, which bite into the timber more slowly, catch hold of the decking board, the joist and the decking board are pressed together with a strong clamping force.

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Stylish end result

Splinters in decking timber are another nightmare when using traditional decking screws. In order to prevent chips ESSDECK Max has a small cylindrical head, 25% smaller than the standard, as well as grooves directly below the head. The grooves and the cylindrical design slice through the fibres in the wood, which prevents the fibres from getting pushed up and creating chips during countersinking.

Mount near the edge

Another nightmare for many of the professional deck builders consulted by ESSVE is the timber splitting when they install screws close to the edge of the timber – when laying frieze, for example. So we designed a tip that mills rather than cuts the fibres, which prevents the cut from filling up with fibres. This reduces the risk of the timber splitting.

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