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Hidden fastening - the fast way

4-5 times faster than traditional screw fastening 

EDGEFAST is a new, lightning-fast system for mounting decking boards. Since the nail is attached to the side of the board, the mounting is concealed, with no visible screw heads or splinters, which gives a luxurious finish. Quick, neat and easy.

The EDGEFAST system is for professionals who build many wooden decks per season, where efficiency and a neat result are the top priorities. EDGEFAST is extremely fast - 4-5 times faster than the traditional screw fastening and significantly faster than collated screws. The reason this method is so fast is that the EDGEFAST gun lets you attach two nails in a single motion that inserts the nails at lightning speed. The tool also comes with various gap spacer plates meaning that the gap between boards is always correct and you don’t need to keep track of spacers while you work.

- We have done time studies s with professional carpenters in our lab. We tested four different mounting types and EDGEFAST was 4-5 times faster than traditional methods and twice as fast as collated screws. It took only 90 sec to install 1 sqm. of decking with 32 mounting points, says Stefan Carlsson, Product Manager at ESSVE.

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A new type of nail gun

The EDGEFAST system includes a patented gun that shoots the nail diagonally into the side of the decking board so that it is not visible. Since the jig is moving, you can easily swing around the gun and attach the next board in one movement. This makes the system extremely fast.

The system works on soft and medium hardwoods such as pine, larch and SIO treated boards. The boards must be a maximum of 28 mm thick. For the distance between the decking boards to be correct, the gun comes with 4 different spacer plates (0-6 mm) which automatically gives the correct gap between the boards. The spacers are mounted to the tool’s base plate. This allows you to move quickly along the board without having to keep track of spacers as you work.

For EDGEFAST, we recommend a medium-sized compressor, for example, the ESSVES Compressor Oil 10/200.