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Decking projects

How to successfully build a wooden deck with the correct fastenings

Choosing the right screw

The type of wood, environment and size determine which option is best.

To successfully build a wooden deck, it is important to choose the correct screw. The wood, the size of the deck and the environment are all factors in the decision. For example, on large decking projects, the screws are impacted by large forces. That is why we recommend a longer and more powerful screw that can handle the stress.

Choosing stainless steel screws ensures that the screws will be just as strong 10, 20, even 30 years from now. In the instructional video below, you will see the assembly process step-by-step. In the professional guide, you will find all the details of wooden deck designs.

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5 questions for building a durable wooden deck


WHAT are you going to build?

WHERE are you going to build it?

HOW should it look?

WHAT wood do you want to use?

Are you going to build it by a POOL?


For an approved assembly, always follow the wood suppliers' instructions about the distance between the boards.

Installing girders

The type of material determines how you attach the girders:

Installation in solid bricks, hollow bricks and hollow blocks

It is usually not a problem to attach girders to brick facades that are load-bearing. If it's only a curtain wall, you need to know how much load it is built to handle. Mounting lower down is less risky. In some cases, it may be better to attach the girder to the structure of the house.

Installation in hollow bricks and hollow blocks

When attaching a girder to hollow bricks or blocks, the facade plug must reach past the first cavity in the stone. It should have a grip on at least two solid surfaces to ensure that it’s strong enough.

Assembly in light concrete and lightweight aggregate blocks

Curved facades are usually made of lightweight aggregate blocks or light concrete. Try to get as deep as possible. You should preferably pass through the center of the block.

Installation in concrete

The most suitable material to attach the girder to is concrete. Remember that newer bases often consist of about 1 cm of concrete followed by 10 cm of styrofoam before it becomes concrete again. Be sure to anchor the girder in the inner layer of concrete.

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Find out when to choose stainless steel
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The right choice of screws pay off

Find out when to choose stainless steel