How to use our HDS tool

The ESSVE Hidden Decking System is an easy way to install a timber deck without visible screw heads. Here you’ll find instructions and a link to the video showing you how to install hidden screws.

How to install HDS

HDS is an easy way to install a timber deck. See all the steps below or watch the video. Watch the video on YouTube.

Installation instructions

1. Clamp on the installation tool.

HDS NEW TOOL 2019 - 2521 - web (276615).jpg

2. Place a screw in each installation hole.

HDS NEW TOOL 2019 -1878 - web (276638).jpg

3. Angle the screwdriver to keep the battery from striking against the decking board.

HDS NEW TOOL 2019 - 2383 - web (276621).jpg

4. Install med HDS-bits.

HDS NEW TOOL 2019 - 2630 - large (276616).jpg

5. Always start with the outermost screw.

HDS NEW TOOL 2019 - 2615 - large (276628).jpg


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