Questions about ESSTACK

Frequently asked questions about our ESSTACK construction adhesive range.

Does ESSTACK work both outdoors and indoors?

Yes, our ESSTACK products work just as well outdoors as indoors, and can be used in all temperatures. But like all hybrid products, they cure more slowly in cold environments. 

Which materials does ESSTACK work on?

Our ESSTACK products work on nearly all materials, with the exception of fatty plastics, such as PP, PE and PTFE.

They work excellently on: glass, ceramics, fibreglass, cellular plastic, metal, stone, wood, concrete, mirrors, plasterboard, polycarbonate, metals, fiber cement and natural stone (not CLEAR).

Can you paint on ESSTACK?

Yes, you can use paint on all our ESSTACK products.

When should I use which product?

PRO1 is an all-round product that works very well for most substrates and applications. Due to the consistency of the adhesive, Pro1 needs to be applied using our Tack Gun.

EASY has a less-viscous consistency that allows you to work faster.
Its consistency also makes it a good choice for lower temperatures.

CLEAR is transparent after curing and is perfect for jobs such as installing glass blocks or precision work where you want to guarantee that the adhesive is not visible. Like EASY, its less-viscous consistency also makes it a good choice for lower temperatures.

XTRM is the product for your heavy-duty projects as it has the highest immediate grip of an incredible 500kg/m². XTRM must be applied using our Tack Gun.

Here are tables that show you which adhesive is suitable for which application.

Which accessories do I need to apply the ESSTACK products?

You need a cartridge gun adapted for 300ml tubes in order to apply ESSTACK products. For XTRM and PRO1, you need our Tack Gun as their more viscous consistency demands a gun with a higher power ratio. For EASY and CLEAR, we recommend ESSVE Caulking Gun, but Tack Gun works for these products as well.

We suggest that you also buy our Cleaning Wipes to remove any mess or excess adhesive. If you need faster curing, we also suggest our Activator, which speeds up this process.

How do you apply the adhesive?

Apply the adhesive in strips or dots. Not in circles or full surface coverage.

Why shouldn’t you cover the full surface or apply a circular strip?

Our ESSTACK products are moisture curing – this means that they need moisture in order to become fully cured.

If you apply the adhesive in a circle or to the entire surface, there will be no moisture at the centre to react with.

The adhesive will remain ‘sticky’ and uncured for a very long time.

How soon can ESSTACK carry a load?

ESSTACK has an immediate grip, meaning what you have glued stays in place straight away, provided it is within the weight limit specified on the product.

From the immediate grip until it starts to cure, the load-carrying capability rapidly increases.

How quickly does it become a fully cured product?

The speed of the curing process depends on how much moisture there is in the air and the ambient temperature.

ESSTACK cures with 3mm in 24h at room temperature (based on the conditions: 23°/50% H.R). The colder it is, the longer curing will take.

What’s the best way to remove an installation mounted with ESSTACK?

Since solvents are unable to dissolve cured product, the adhesive must be removed mechanically. You can e.g. cut it with extra-strong thread or similar.

Is it possible to remove the adhesive if you get it on your clothes/walls?

Uncured product can be removed with ESSVE’s Cleaner Wipes if you spill it on a surface you don’t wish to glue.

Spills on clothes are trickier, but it’s worth trying Cleaner Wipes here too. Cured products requires mechanical removal, i.e. you will need to scrape it away or similar.


How should I recycle the packaging?

An empty cartridge can be disposed as plastic waste.The product is not classified as dangerous goods.