Questions about EDGEFAST

EDGEFAST System change the way we build decks. New products bring up questions and here we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding installation.

How does ESSVE EDGEFAST work?

Traditional decking screws are fastened at the top of the board, resulting in the screw heads being a visible element of the final result. ESSVE EDGEFAST however, is a nail gun for hidden decking installation, which you use to fix a flat fastener in the side of the decking board. The final result is a deck with a luxurious finisch, concealed nail heads and without any splinters.

How do you install decking boards with ESSVE EDGEFAST?

  1. Place the gap plate against the first decking board.
  2. Slide the next board up to the other side of the gap spacer, so the spacer is between the two boards.
  3. Pivot the tool down as far as it will go. Press the next board against the spacer, push the tool down towards the board to unlock the safety. Hold the board firmly and pull the trigger. Now pivot the tool up, so that the end of the magazine is pointing upwards. Push down against the free edge of the board and pull the trigger.
  4. Always pivot the tool all the way, to ensure the decking is installed with the best possible angle. Make certain that the base of the tool is always flat against the decking when you install a fastener.
    Install a fastener at every joist.

Will the fastener work its way out of the timber?

No. Since the fastener cuts the wood fibres diagonally, it will not work its way out as the boards dry. The geometry of the flat fastener also prevents it from being pressed upwards as the timber dries.

Which grades are the fasteners available in?

The fasteners are available in surface-treated C4 and Stainless A2.

How many fasteners can you load into ESSVE EDGEFAST?

You load 100 fasteners at a time – enough to install roughly three square metres.

How do you ensure the correct distance between the decking boards?

EDGEFAST comes with four gap spacer plates (0-6mm) that you fix into the tool. The gap plate ensures the correct distance. Please ensure the correct distance between decking boards.

How do I install the board closest to the facade?

If the first board is close to the wall, we recommend that you fasten it with a top screw, e.g. ESSDECK Max. Make sure the board is perfectly straight. 

Which types of wood can you use ESSVE EDGEFAST on?

The system works on soft and medium hardwoods, such as pressure-treated pine, larch and SIOO treated timber.

How thick can the boards be for the system to work?

The EDGEFAST system works for decking boards up to a thickness of 28mm. Please note that we do not recommend you to use the system on boards thicker than 28 mm.

Which pressure should the compressor have?

The pressure should be max. 6-8 bar. This may vary depending on the timber. Always start at low pressure and gradually increase it until the fastener sits perfectly in the board.

How quick is ESSVE EDGEFAST?

ESSVE EDGEFAST is 4-5 times quicker than traditional top-screwing and significantly quicker than collated screws. The reason why you work so quickly with this method is because the EDGEFAST decking tool lets you install two fastenings in one and the same movement.

What’s more, the tool drives the fastener into the board at lightning speed and comes with gap spacer plates that ensure the correct distance between boards. 

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