ESSVE is one of Europe´s leading fastening companies. Since 1970, ESSVE has introduced products that have quickly become essentials in the professional user's toolbox which has given us a leading position in Europe.

One of Europe's leading fastening companies 

Our business idea is to make everyday life easier, safer and more profitable for construction professionals, designers and buyers in industry. We do this by offering the products, services and support they need to get the job done. From screws, fasteners, adhesives and fillers to extensive expertise in industrial fastening technology and dimensioning programmes to support for designers. All summarized in our customer promise: GET IT DONE!

"Every day, over 5 million ESSVE screws are sold!"

Insight-driven innovation

ESSVE has a long tradition of developing new, innovative products together with professional craftsmen. Today, as many as one third of ESSVE’s employees work with innovation and product development. Our leading position in the construction industry results from our core philosophy: Innovation through insights into our customers' needs and behaviors.

We work close to end users, studying their needs, interviewing, filming, discussing and paying attention to what can be done differently to make their jobs easier, safer and more efficient. When we discover an opportunity, we begin to develop solutions that we test and fine-tune until we have something we know will be purchased, used and loved. Our product developers work in a well-equipped laboratory at our headquarters in Stockholm. We also have close collaboration with well-known technical universities in Sweden, such as Core Lab at Chalmers University of Technology.

ESSBOX SYSTEM – made with and for professionals

The ESSBOX System is one of the many examples of how we work with professionals to develop sustainable solutions that really work. The idea of ESSBOX was born in an ESSVE test-pilot project, where we involve industry professionals in the evaluation and development of new products.

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During the analyzing phase of the project ESSVE found out that more than half of the test-pilots didn’t use all the products they purchased. As many as 95 percent also reported to experience problems with broken cardboard packages resulting in a lot of waste products. Given these insights ESSVE realized the need for a system that could bring structure to the everyday life of the professionals, ease their work, make their days more efficient and reduce waste products. Today, six years after the launch, half of all the professional craftsmen in Sweden (ESSVE’s home market) use the ESSBOX System. Not only is the system helping the professionals, the ESSBOX System also creates exceptional customer loyalty resulting in repeat purchases and growth for our retailers.

Our products

ESSVE is more than premium products and a great system, we offer one of the industry’s widest assortment of more than 5000 fastening articles, totally integrated. In our assortment we have 1500 screws, 1900 fastening elements, 650 types of nails, 400 products within sealant and adhesives and over 800 fastening related products, making us a supplier of practically everything you would need in construction fastening.

The Bergman & Beving Group

Bergman & Beving, founded in 1906, is a Swedish listed group that acquires and develops leading companies with a perpetual ownership horizon. The group’s autonomous companies work in expansive niches where they provide value-adding solutions for industrial and construction customers. All companies run their business with great freedom based on a decentralized management model that has created growth, profitability and sustainable development for more than 100 years.  

Bergman & Beving is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, has approximately 1,300 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 5 billion. The group consists of around 20 companies represented in more than 25 countries.

Read more about our operations at Bergman & Beving site.