ESSVE Retail

The path to
increased sales

Ready-to-implement in-store concept with a proven track record of delivering double-digit growth.

A self-propelled sales machine

The ESSBOX system generates a steady flow of sales with little effort from the retailer.

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    First, since ESSBOX makes users’ working days so much more efficient, they soon develop a strong loyalty and return over and over to repurchase.

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    Second, the ESSBOX retail concept makes the most of the sales staff’s time. Well-organized displays and informative labels on products and shelves help most customers make purchase decisions themselves, which frees up staff to attend to the customers who really need help.

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    And third, the system is very easy to implement. The in-store solutions are fully scalable, from single displays to several aisles, and include effective point-of-sale material and a space management program proven to increase sales.

It’s not the one-off sale of a case that generates the main revenue, but the regular repurchases once the user becomes hooked on the many benefits of the ESSBOX system. Based on research in the ESSVE home market during 2016, an ESSBOX case in the field generates average fastener sales of €1,000 per year!

Over 5 million ESSVE screws are sold each day.

We know retail

ESSVE understands the modern retail environment. We have insights into the mindset of the customers. And we know what questions the products themselves must answer right from the shelf – where the majority of purchase decisions are made.

This knowledge is shared with the retailer through a solid support program, focused on optimizing the category space and product mix. We will not give up until the full growth potential is realized.

The numbers to prove it

That’s not just talk. Our in-store concept has a proven track record of double-digit growth, no matter how big or small the retail space.

The minimum increase of fastener sales we have seen is 10%. But the Swedish builders’ merchant Karl Hedin experienced an increase of more than 50% on the same customer base when they integrated the ESSVE products they already offered into the ESSBOX system. And the Finnish builders’ merchant STARK achieved an 80% increase in sales of fasteners when replacing another brand with ESSVE!

That is why we feel confident when we guarantee increased fastener sales in the double digits, because these are the numbers we have seen time after time.

The ESSBOX system also achieves increased efficiency on the cost side. Our space management program reduces the time staff spends on replenishing the shelves by up to 20%, since the in-store concept is optimized to fit up to 40% more goods in the same shelf space than the standard cardboard packaging.

Implement the ESSBOX concept in full, and we guarantee double-digit growth!