How about partnering with us?

When implementing the ESSBOX system in new markets, we follow two basic rules: We listen to local needs and we see our distributors as true partners.

Let’s work together!

As part of our ongoing international expansion, we are welcoming partnerships with leading distributors.

We are looking for potential partners who already have a network within the professional hardware and builders’ merchant sector – and the desire to successfully launch ESSVE in their local market.

We offer an outstanding opportunity for international distributors to achieve a higher market share within fasteners. To have our powerful ESSBOX concept in your portfolio will secure your position in an increasingly competitive market.

And the risk is minimal: Implement the ESSBOX concept in full, and we guarantee double-digit growth in fastener sales!

Please let us know if you would like to set up a meeting by filling in the contact form below.

Why we succeed

Running our own operations in ten countries has taught us that all business is local. So we listen, learn and give you the support and training you need to adapt the product mix and communications to the specific needs of your market. For instance, we have routines in place for addressing such local differences as building and construction standards and the requirements of different retail chains.

We also know what tools are needed for distributors to survive tough competition. The ESSVE concept is easy to implement, our launch package is proven for instant sales, deliveries are fast and reliable and, after the launch, we remain present and keep working closely with you on activation to further increase sales, margins and results.

Join a culture of growth

When partnering with us, you will be joining a culture of growth.

Since 2012 ESSVE has doubled its revenue to SEK 1 billion (€ 100 million). The goal is to double that again before 2020.

The keys to our success are a customer insight-driven innovation process, a partner model based on understanding that all business is local, and continuous investment in the brand.

The most obvious example of this is the launch in 2012 of the ESSBOX transport and storage solution, which has resulted in double-digit growth for all participating retailers.

Our growth will continue through constant product innovations that simplify the working day for professional users and through international expansion, for which we are now partnering with leading distributors.

Let’s win together!



We would really like to meet you to discuss a partnership. Please send us your contact information and we will get in touch with you.