Customer insight-driven R&D

The ESSVE core philosophy results in numerous innovations that professionals love to use.

Understanding user needs

The ESSVE recipe for the success is to work close to end-users – studying their needs, interviewing, filming, discussing, probing and paying close attention to what could be done differently to make their jobs easier, safer and more efficient.

Once we spot an opportunity, we start developing solutions that we test and fine-tune until we have something we know will be bought, used and loved. To do that, we have in-house R&D teams working out of a well-equipped lab in our Stockholm headquarters. We also work closely with renowned technical universities and colleges in Sweden, such as Core Lab at Chalmers University of Technology.

In the analysis that led to the decision to develop ESSBOX, we found that half of all users did not use all the products they bought and 95% reported that they had problems with broken cardboard packaging.

We encourage the people out there – retailers, partners, in-house sales staff and others – to constantly talk to users and bring us their feedback. In the field-testing and fine-tuning phase, we then work with designated ambassadors from the user community.

Upcoming launch:

ESSDRIVE – the first wood screw that saves your shoulders

Again advancing the frontier in wood screws, we launch ESSDRIVE, which saves the shoulders by reducing the compressive force needed by two-thirds.

Thanks to the design of the tip and thread, maximum starting power is achieved at minimal pressure, which makes the screw feel extremely fast-starting, as if it is being quickly grabbed and sucked into the wood. The benefits are especially noticeable in uncomfortable working positions (over shoulder height and below knee height) where it is more difficult to put pressure on the screwdriver. Longer screws also have a cutter to ensure that the last bit does not get sluggish.

Even the shape of the head has been redesigned. Using grooves below the head, the fibers are cut instead of being broken and pressed down, giving a good-looking result without cracking or splintering.