The Essbox System

The fastener system that grows business

An integrated fastener system with a patented transport and storage solution that offers professionals so much simplicity and efficiency that repeat sales are guaranteed.

Loved by professionals and retailers

ESSBOX is an integrated fastener system that perfectly illustrates our philosophy: Working close to professional users results in groundbreaking designs that streamline their working day.

Users love our system because it saves them money by saving them time and material.

Retailers love it because it creates exceptional customer loyalty and generates repeat sales forever, growing their business.

A system packed with features

The secret behind the ESSBOX system is the integrated approach to the professional user’s everyday challenge: how to carry around a full day’s worth of fasteners in an organized way. The ESSBOX system helps the user quickly find and grab the right product for each task, without wasting time or material.

  • Strong, ergonomically designed handle.
  • Optional shoulder strap.
  • Cases stack on top of each other without sliding.
  • Place to label each case.
  • Withstands both heat and cold.
  • Sealed lid keeps out liquids, moisture, dust, and dirt.
  • Easy to lock safely.
  • Each box fixes solidly to the case through the patented pattern of octagonal snaps so they never slide around.
  • Packing the boxes with the lids off makes it easy to see and grab the contents.
  • Lids are held in place under the boxes with the octagonal snaps, so they are never misplaced.
  • Foam layer in the top of the case keeps the boxes from spilling when the lids are off.
  • The octagonal snaps on the lids and bottoms of the boxes let the user securely stack the boxes outside the ESSBOX.
  • Informative labels on each box make it easy to choose the right product.
  • To be launched in 2018: New boxes in smaller sizes, so an even bigger variety of products and product sizes can fit in the case.
  • Patented pattern of octagonal snaps in the bottom of the case holds the boxes in place, even if the case isn’t fully loaded or gets jostled around.
  • For Systainer users, we have added an ESSBOX Systainer customized to fit the transparent product boxes, with the pattern of octagonal snaps in the bottom and the foam layer in the lid. We also offer a conversion kit to add the bottom mat and lid foam to a regular Systainer case.
  • Almost all products can be loaded into the case directly, still in the transparent product boxes they are sold in.
  • The rest of the products can be fitted by using a foam pad and cutting out silhouettes for the items that don’t come in the transparent product boxes – power tools and cords, bottles and tubes, adapters, drill bits, or anything else.
  • Easy to load the ESSBOX case with exactly what’s needed for any given job.
  • Many users pack one ESSBOX case for each specific task, such as window frames, boards or decks, so they are always loaded and ready to go.
  • The ESSBOX Mini was requested by users who don’t consume so many fasteners, e.g. electricians, tinsmiths, fitters, roofers, smiths and handymen.
  • In 2018, we will add smaller product boxes in different shapes. This will let users fit in more varieties and product sizes in the same case.
  • For Systainer users, we have added an ESSBOX Systainer that is customized with the ESSBOX pattern of octagonal snaps. We also offer a conversion kit that adds the bottom mat and lid foam to a regular Systainer case.
  • Storage racks can be bolted to the floor or mounted on the walls of the van, so they pass the toughest crash tests, as well as in a storeroom at the home base.
  • Standard eight-foot ISO containers can be placed as pop-up warehouses on large constructions sites. ESSVE keeps these stocked with an assortment of fasteners tailored to the needs of the particular site and its workers.

ESSBOX: Simplicity and efficiency for professionals

  • Simple, timesaving concept.
  • Just Load – Work – Reload!
  • Reduces wasted time and material.
  • Comprises almost all of the articles in the entire ESSVE range.
  • Covers all fastening needs.
  • Serves all kinds of users.
  • Can be tailored for any job.
  • Infinite individualization options.
  • Everything is interrelated, from retail shelf to worksite.
  • Dustproof and waterproof, resistant to heat and cold.

By helping the professional user to do a good job in less time with less waste, the ESSBOX system generates high levels of loyalty and repeat sales. Guaranteed.

The streamlined working day

The ESSBOX system is developed in close cooperation with professional users and solves the most annoying time and material thieves that keep them from working smart. Here is an example of a typical workday, with the ESSBOX system increasing efficiency in every moment.

No more running back and forth to the van, fetching stuff you forgot or could not carry. No more wet or broken cardboard packages. No more throwing away perfectly new fasteners just because they fell out of the cardboard box. No more loose screws lying in a mess, to be thrown away as expensive spill at the end of the workday. No more wasting precious time searching for the correct fastener. What a great way to work!

  • ”The case fell six meters to the ground and stayed intact! I call that a tough case.”

    Magnus Huuhta
    Magnus Huuhta Carpenter
  • ”I have four cases: One with screws for indoor work, one for outdoor work, one with plugs and one for heavy-duty fasteners.”

    Magnus Huuhta
    Magnus Huuhta Carpenter
  • ”I could imagine up to 7–8 cases and have more than just fasteners in them, such as tools and other types of products.”

    Daniel Malling
    Daniel Malling HPV technician
  • ”In the past, I have thrown away broken cardboard packages, even though there were screws left in them. Now I don't have to do that.”

    Axel Tivéus
    Axel Tivéus Carpenter
  • ”Now we have the car as our shared toolbox and everything is in order.” 

    Henrik Käll
    Henrik Käll Snickare
  • ”I have purchased several ESSBOX cases. Five of them are always packed – one with only exterior screws, one with stainless-steel screws, one with plugs, one with wood screws and one for heavy fastening. The sixth case is empty and I pack it daily according to the needs of the job.”

    Axel Tivéus
    Axel Tivéus Carpenter
  • ”Now I do not have to run between the car and the job site.”

    Johan Pettersson
    Johan Pettersson Carpenter
  • ”No screw packages that fall apart, and you do not need to sort the screws that get loose in the car or the bucket.”

    Kjell Mattsson Carpenter
  • "I have my fasteners and plugs divided between three cases: one with stainless-steel screws, one with plaster screws and slightly longer screws and one for concrete and light concrete."

    Daniel Malling
    Daniel Malling HPV technician
  • ”The boxes of products can withstand water, so now you do not have to reinforce cardboard packages with duct tape”

    Fredrik Thorsén Carpenter

Since the launch of ESSBOX in 2012, ESSVE has become the No. 1 premium brand of construction fasteners in the Nordic countries. In Sweden, the ESSVE home market, around half of all carpenters have already switched to the ESSBOX system, which has led to massive increases in fastener sales. Today, using ESSBOX is considered a hygiene factor for any professional craftsman.