Covers all areas of usage

ESSVE offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of premium fastener and fixing products in the industry.It covers all areas of usage, with screws, fasteners, nails, nailers and sealants/adhesives, with all the relevant ETA approvals. In addition, it combines into an integrated system, including an easy-to-refill transportation and storage solution. Sticking to ESSVE makes life so much easier.

ESSVE has all the relevant ETA approvals


Easy-to-implement in-store concept

ESSVE provides an easy-to-implement in-store concept with a proven record of double-digit growth.Since professionals love working with the ESSVE core system, ESSBOX, they regularly come back for repurchase. This has led to increased fastener sales of between 10 and 25 percent, wherever the concept has been fully implemented!

Sales are further streamlined through shelves optimized to fit up to 40 % more goods in the same space than standard cardboard packaging, saving up to 20 % staff time replenishing the shelves. Informative labels on products and shelves help customers make good purchase decisions with little assistance, so staff can focus on the customers who really need help.

Combined with an extensive support and space management program, this makes ESSVE a favorite with retailers, too.

Trust us for reliable deliveries

With ESSVE, you can trust deliveries to be fast and smooth. Already established in ten markets our logistic routines and know-how is proven solid. With a reliability as high as 98.6 % for our priority range when servicing the Nordic countries, we are equipped to deliver large volumes all over Europe from Sweden and Asia.