One of Europe’s leading construction fastening companies

Known for its customer-driven R&D, ESSVE comes from a long line of innovative Swedish engineering companies. We serve professional users of all kinds with premium fastener products covering all types of jobs.

Customer insight-driven innovations from Sweden since 1970

Our leading position in the construction fastener industry is due to our core philosophy: Innovation driven by customer insight. This has resulted in groundbreaking solutions and loyal customers. Read more »

Top ESSVE innovation highlights

Since 1972, ESSVE has introduced revolutionary products that are still found in the professional user’s toolbox today.

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1972: Programa

The world’s first frame screw for fully adjustable mounting of doors and windows. Results in better insulation and no damage to the frame or base – still an industry standard 35 years later!

2002: ESSVE Cutters

A revolutionary rethinking of the design. The screw can be placed closer to the edge without splitting the wood. And it sits flush and tight without surface damage.


Solvent-free adhesive with extreme instant grab. Bonding and sealing even in the rain or under water.

2012: ESSBOX

An integrated fastener system with a patented transport and storage solution that saves time, eliminates spills and increases everyday efficiency. This creates strong customer loyalty and regular repurchases.


A shoulder-saving wood screw that reduces the compressive force needed by two-thirds. ESSVE advances the frontier in fastening yet again.

Products for every type of job

ESSVE offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of premium fastener and fixing products. Read more »

Trust us for reliable deliveries

With ESSVE, you can trust deliveries will go like clockwork. We are already established in several markets, so our logistics routines and know-how have been proven. With current delivery reliability as high as 98.6%, we are well prepared to deliver large volumes internationally.

in-store concept

ESSVE provides an easy-to-implement
in-store concept with a proven record of double-digit growth.

A partner for growth

When partnering with us, you will be joining
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