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”ESSVE provides products and services that help professional craftsmen make safe and secure attachments.”

ESSVE delivers safe attachment devices for professional craftsmen. We have a broad selection of products and services that have been developed in consultation with the end user.

Among our products you find everything from tiny screws for the cellular phone industry to heavy duty attachment devices used in dam structures. We also offer durable and ergonomic tools for wood and metal work for the construction and manufacturing industries.

We want you to feel confident that you use the best products on the market, regardless of whether you are attaching something to wood, concrete or steel.

You can trust that our products work the way we say they will, that we deliver on time and that we keep our promises. In contacts with us you will always get a high level of service and exactly the support that you need to choose the right attachment device.


  • Essve Newsletter Nr2 2015

    ESSVE Woodscrew with a flat, low and round head guarantees an excellent finish.
  • Essve Newsletter January 2015

    Welcome to this year’s first ESS:News! We have entered 2015 with a strong faith that we at ESSVE can continue to develop our market, and we have a bunch of exciting product launches in all segments to look forward to.
  • Essve Newsletter September 2014

    Fall is upon us and the people in our industry have a couple of hectic months ahead of them.
  • Essve Newsletter July 2014

    In order to increase the focus on skill enhancing education and internal product testing we move into a hyper modern office in Kista on July 1st.
  • Essve Newsletter April 2014

    Rarely does spring arrive this early. Signs of spring have sprung all over the country.
  • Essve Newsletter mars 2014

    The right product in the right place benefits both the store and the consumer. That’s why ESSVE were among the first in the business to focus on space management – the method of optimizing the shelves in the stores.


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